Lijiang Fact Sheet

Lijiang in Chinese Pinyin: Lìjiāng

Lijiang in simple Chinese: 丽江


Lijiang is located in the south of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and middle part of Northwest of Yunnan Province.

Area: 20,600 square kilometers

Coordinates: 26°48' N, 100°16' E

Population: More than 1.1 million

Area Code: 0888

Zip Code: 674100

City Flower: Orchid

City Tree: Elm

Language: Lijiang Dialect, Naxi language

Main Rivers and Lakes: White Water River, Lashi Lake, Wen Lake, Lugu Lake

Administrative Divisions

Lijiang administers 1 district and 4 counties:

◎1 District

Gucheng District

◎4 Counties

Yongsheng County, Huaping County, Yulong Nakhi Autonomous County and Ninglang Yi Autonomous County.



Lijiang Sanyi Airport


Lijiang New Railway Station


Lijiang Bus Station

Tourist Attractions

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Park, Baisha Murals, Dongba Culture Museum, Dry Sea, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake, Lion Hill, Shuhe Old Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Mus' Residence, etc.

Colleges and Universities

Yunnan university institute of tourism and culture

Lijiang Teachers Training College


The climate in Lijiang is plateau southwest monsoon climate, its annual average temperature is 12.6℃ ~ 19.8℃. The highest temperature is 25.1℃ and the lowest temperature is -27.4℃ in a year.

Sister Cities

Takayama and New Westminster

Special Local Products

Lijiang snow peach, Lijiang Baba (Lijiang Stuffed Bun), Yongsheng oil-tea camellia, etc.

Food and Drink

"Blow the pork liver", Chicken stew tofu, Naxi hotpot, Lijiang cellar liquor, etc.

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