Best Time to Visit Shanghai

Shanghai, which is famous for its prosperity and fashion, attracts many tourists across the world come to this international city despite of the shortage of natural landscape at all seasons. Visitors could travel to Shanghai at all seasons. However, the best time to visit Shanghai is spring and autumn. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold for visitors travel to Shanghai. In spring, Shanghai is mild and moist, and the weather is warm and pleasant. The flowers are blooming which adds more natural color to the modern city of Shanghai. Visitors can go for a walk in the country or may go to Nanhui Area to enjoy the peach blossom and taste spring peach. In autumn, the red maple leaves are everywhere. And it is the best time to taste the delicious hairy crabs.

Here are some tips: try to avoid the days around Tomb-sweeping Day. It is the time for people goes out to visit their ancestors' graves to sweep away the dirt, which will cause the traffic jams. Try to avoid the May Day holidays (May1-3) and National Day holidays (Oct 1-7) when is the one-week long national holiday because Shanghai is still a major destination of domestic and international tourists. It’s extremely crowded everywhere.






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