What to Pack for a Trip to Kunming

Before planning your trip to Kunming, you must first check what the weather is going to be like. This will help you know the kind of clothes to pack for the trip, which you can find out from the internet or our page about climate of Kunming.

Having surveyed our travel guides, our travel consultants, and the locals in Kunming, we know personally to bring you this information. If you have a trip to Kunming coming up, and you want to fit in, here are some useful suggestions for you.

Weather in Kunming consists of an even climate lacking extreme temperature swings or clear delineation of seasons. The winters are never too cold and the summers are never too hot. The only significant weather to worry about is the rainy season, when most of the seasonal rainfall of 1,000mm falls.

Light, comfortable clothing suitable for walking and a light jacket are sufficient for summer day but a warmer pullover can sometimes be needed at night.

Kunming's rainy season starts from April and ends only in Oct. An umbrella or raincoat is necessary. Kunming can be cold when it rains. And it is normal to have rain, sunshine, rain all within a day. So prepare to wear layers of clothing, so you can peel off or put on depending on the temperature.

In winter (Dec. to Jan.), Kunming weather can drop to just above freezing. If you are going in the winter, remember to bring many layers of clothing. The temperature varies a great deal within the day & one can in fact experience the 4 seasons on the same day!

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