Kunming Fact Sheet

Kunming in Chinese Pinyin: Kūnmíng

Kunming in simple Chinese: 昆明


Kunming is located in east-central Yunnan province.

Abbreviation: Kun

Area: 21,473 square kilometers

Coordinates: 25°4'N, 102°41'E

Population: 6.25 million

Area Code: 0871

Zip Code: 650000

City Flower: Camellia

City Tree: Magnolia tree

Language: Kunming Dialect

Main Rivers: Jinsha River, Pudu River, Mingyi River, Zhangjiu River, Niulan River, Nanpan River and Bajiang River, etc.

Administrative Divisions

Kunming administers 5 districts, 1 county-level city, 5 counties and 3 autonomous counties:

◎5 Districts

Panlong District, Wuhua District, Guandu District, Xishan District and Dongchuan District.

◎1 county-level city

Anning City

◎5 Counties

Chenggong County, Jinning County, Fumin County, Yiliang County and Songming County.

◎3 Autonomous Counties

Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County and Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County.



Kunming Wujiaba International Airport


Kunming Railway Station, Kunming North Railway Station and Kunming South train station.


There are four bus stations for each of the cardinal directions (N, S, E, and W).

Tourist Attractions

Western Mountains, Qiongzhu Temple, Yuantong Temple, Golden Temple, Dian Lake, Green Lake Park, Daguan Park, Yunnan Nationalities Village, Tanhua Temple, Kunming Yongdao Street Flower and Bird Market, Guandu Old Town, Kunming Black Dragon Pool Park, 1999 World Horticultural Exposition, Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Dongchuan Red Land, Stone Forest, Kunming Botanical Garden, etc.


Yunnan Museum,Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology, Yunnan Nationalities Museum, Yunnan Railway Museum, Yunnan Art Gallery 

Colleges and Universities

Yunnan University

Kunming University of Science and Technology

Yunnan Normal University

Yunnan Agricultural University

Kunming University

Yunnan University of finance

Southwest Forestry University

Yunnan Police Officer Academy

Yunnan Nationalities University

Kunming medical university

Yunnan Arts University


The climate in Kunming is subtropical mountain and plateau monsoon climate, its annual average temperature is 15℃ and annual precipitation is 1035mm.

Sister Cities


Fujisawa, Chiang Mai, Mandalay and Chittagong.


Zurich, Jyvaskyla and Yangon.

◎Northern America


◎Southern America



Wagga and New Plymouth



Special Local Products

Xiaojintuo tea, Camellia, Ivory, Batik, Wood Carving Crafts, etc.


Russula Virescens, Yunnan stinky tofu, Black pepper steak, etc.

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