What to Pack for a Trip to Taiyuan

Located in the temperate zone region with clear-cut seasons, Taiyuan has warm temperate continental monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature between 9 and 11 °C and a mean rainfall of 456 mm. Here, the seasonal difference is distinctive, windy and dry in spring, rainy and no intense heat in summer, mild and sunny in autumn, and snowy and no bitter cold in winter. Therefore, the tourists are recommended to bring with suitable clothes for the corresponding seasons.

In spring (from March to May), the temperature rises quickly, with big difference between day and night. Long-sleeved and warm clothes like jacket are needed.

In summer (from June to August), is the best time to visit Taiyuan. T-shirts, knee breeches and slippers should be prepared. Besides, sunglasses, sun block and a sunhat are necessities. And those who wear contact lenses should be very careful with the wind. If visitors scramble up mountain, the warm clothes are also essential due to the low temperature in it.

In autumn (from September to November), the temperature begins to turn to cool, so T-shirts, thin coats and sweaters are both required.

In winter (from December to February), the Taiyuan weather becomes cold and snowy. Averaging a temperature of -7 C, the weather is always cold and dry. Thus, down coats, hats, gloves, scarves, masks, etc. are the necessities.

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