Taiyuan Fact Sheet

Taiyuan in Chinese Pinyin: Tàiyuán

Taiyuan in simple Chinese: 太原


Taiyuan is located in the middle of Shanxi Province and in the middle reaches of the Yellow River

Abbreviation: Bing

Area: 6,988 square kilometers

Coordinates: 112°33'E, 37°52' N

Population: 4.2 million (2010)

Area Code: 0351(+86)

Zip Code: 030000

City Flower: Chrysanthemum

City Tree: Japanese Pagoda Tree

Language: Taiyuan Dialect

Main Rivers: Fen River

Administrative Divisions

Taiyuan administers 6 districts, 3 counties and 1 country-level city:

◎6 Districts

Xinghualing District, Yingze District, Wanbolin District, Jiancaoping District, Jinyuan District and Xiaodian District.

◎3 Counties

Qingxu County, Yangqu County and Loufan County.

◎1 country-level city

Gujiao City



Taiyuan Wusu Airport


Taiyuan railway station


Provincial Bus Station, East Station, West Station, Jiannan Bus Station and Yingbin Bus Station.

Tourist Attractions

Chongshan Temple, Jinci Temple, Mount Wutai, Twin Pagoda Temple, Tianlongshan Grottoes, Multi-bless Temple, Juewei Mountain Scenic Spot, Meng Shan Giant Stone Buddha, Shanxi Museum, etc.

Colleges and Universities

Taiyuan University of Technology

Shanxi University

North University of China

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Taiyuan University of Science and Technology

Shanxi Medical University

Taiyuan University

Taiyuan Normal University

Modern College of Taiyuan University of Technology

Business College of Shanxi University

Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The climate in Taiyuan is temperate monsoon climate, its average annual rainfall is 456 mm and annual average temperature is 9.5℃.

Sister Cities


Saitama Prefecture and Himeji.


Syktyvkar, Saratov and Newcastle.






Zululand and Douala.

Special Local Products

Jinci Rice, Qingxu Grapes, Taiyuan Jade Carving, Taiyuan Archaize Iron, etc.


Bazhen Decoction, Stretched Noodles, Sliced Noodles

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