Pingyao Fact Sheet

Pingyao in Chinese Pinyin: Píngyáo 

Pingyao in Simple Chinese: 平遥


Pingyao is located in the middle part of Shanxi Province, on the southwest of Taiyuan basin and northern part of Taiyue Mountain.

Area: 1,260 square kilometers

Coordinates: 37°12'09''N, 12°10'41''E

Population: 490,000 (2002)

Area Code: 0354

Zip Code: 031100

Language: Shanxi Dialect

Main Rivers: Fen River, Qin River

Administrative Divisions

Pingyao administers 5 towns and 9 villages:

◎5 Towns

Gutao Town, Duancun Town, Dongquan Town, Hongshan Town and Ninggu Town.

◎9 Villages

Nanzheng Village, Zhongdu Village, Yuebi Village, Poyi Village, Mengshan Village, Zhukeng Village, Xiangyuan Village, Dujiaxiang Village and Xiangyue Village.



Pingyao doesn't have its own airport. The nearest airport from Pingyao is Taiyuan Wusu Airport.


Pingyao Railway Station


Pingyao Bus Station

Tourist Attractions

Pingyao Ancient City Wall, Qiao’s Family compound, Rishengchang Draft Bank, Pingyao Ancient Town, Chenghuang Temple, Zhenguo Temple, Ming-and-Qing-Street, Shuanglin Monastery, etc.


The climate in Pingyao is warm temperate continental climate; it has fine weather throughout the year.

Sister Cities

Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs

Special Local Products

Pingyao Beef, Pingyao polished lacquer, GuoZiGou penang dried fruits, etc.


Pingyao Bowl Off, Pingyao Beef, etc.

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