Best Time to Visit Pingyao

Generally speaking, Pingyao is an all-year-round tourist destination. However, the best season to visit Pingyao is fall because of its cool and pleasant weather.

Pingyao has a temperate continental monsoon semi-arid climate. The weather gets warmer quickly as the season changes to spring. Spring also sees large temperature difference between day and night with little rain and strong winds. Summer is hot with lots of rains. Temperature drops gradually in fall as does the rainfall. Sunny and clear days are typical in Pingyao during the fall. Winter is cold with strong northwest wind but little snow.

In the fall there is not just on sunny days with pleasant temperatures, but also has a China Pingyao International Photography Festival in mid-September. Winter, although it is quite cold, snowy Pingyao ancient city has its own kind of magic. In addition, Shehuo Festival will give a new impression of the Chinese Spring Festival. So the best month to visit Pingyao is January, September and November.

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