22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World Opens December 24

On the 21st, Ice and Snow World Company of Harbin Sun Island Group announced, red-carpet opening ceremony for the 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World, which was completed and ready, will take place at 15:00 on the 24th of December, 2020 after great efforts by nearly 10, 000 construction workers over 15 days. The carnival activities for this winter will start along with the dream journey towards ice and snow.

Many theme castles originated from central and east European countries will be constructed this time at Harbin Ice and Snow World, each of which is distinct from each other and enchanting. When evening comes, all the castles are lit up and glittering like the world in fairy tale.

From 31st of December 2020 through early morning of 1st of January 2021, activities across the year will be hosted in the park. In the evening, ice and snow, electronic music and Punk band, as the most popular way of performance will bring the tourists to the climax of events in the ice and snow. During the day, top electronic music bands from Harbin will be invited to site for performance battling. Famous domestic Punk music bands with reflectors will make live performance with many classic works. Tourists will be invited to enjoy the event till the next day. In addition, special event “Gifts for Motherland” will be hosted at Ice and Snow World, where tourists can make greetings to motherland at the earliest in the center of the northmost, the most beautiful and the largest land of ice and snow.

There will even more surprising events to be hosted during Christmas, New Year’ Day and Spring Festival at the Ice and Snow World.

Even more preferential entry tickets will be offered this time by Ice and Snow World: 65% discount will be offered against original price of 290 RMB, that is, preferential entry price is 100 RMB.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021

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