Longsheng Quick Facts

Longsheng is located in the northeast of Guangxi Province and northwest of Guilin city. Its longitude is between 109°43′28″ E to 110°21′14″ E, and the latitude is between 25°29′ N to 26°12′ N. It nears to Xing'an and Ziyuan in the east, connects Lingchuan and Lingui in the south, neighbor to Rong'an and Sanjiang in the west, and adjoin Chengbu in Hunan Province in the north.

Full Name: Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County

Origin of the Name: Longsheng had been called Sangjiang before Qing Dyansty. In 1741, a Dong minority people, Wujingui led the local peasants revolted against the Qing government. Their uprising was put down by the force led by Emperor Qianlong (the 6th emperor of the Qing Dynasty). In order to cite his great feat and commemorate the victory, the emperor renamed Sangjiang as Longsheng. In Chinese, Long represents emperor and imperial power, and Sheng means victory.

Physical Features: densely covered with forests with a forestation rate of 76% and a forestation level of 94%

Population: 170,000

Size: 2,538 sq km

Major Nationalities: Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong

Annual Average Temperature: 18.1℃

Postal Code: 541700

Hospital: Longsheng People's Hospital (Tel:0773-7512322)

Linear Distance: from Nanning 371 km, from Guilin 63

Highway Mileage: from Nanning 534 km, from Guilin 87

Average Altitude: 700 – 800 m

Main Rivers: Xunjiang River

Main Festival: Red Clothing Festival

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