Ziyuan County

Ziyuan County lies in the northeastern park of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is some 98 km away from the famous tourist city Guilin which boasts its most beautiful waters and mountains in China. There are secondary roads through and the travel will take one and half hours. It has a jurisdiction over seven townships and a town with a total area of 1961 k㎡. Enjoying a mid-subtropical monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature 16.4℃ and annual average precipitation 1773 mm, it is warm and damp all the year around with pleasant weather in all seasons. In its precinct live 13 nationalities including Han, Miao, Yao, etc. with a total population of 168,000. Folk customs here are extremely rich. Langtian Yao Village and “July 15th”River Light and Song Festival are the best parts which can fully showcase the folk customs of Northern Guangxi.

The landscape in Ziyuan has a unique style of its own. It is an area in the Great Guilin Tourist Zone with the most and best natural and ecological tourist attractions. In “Zi River –Bajiaozhai Geography Park” Tourist Area where water and mountains are in perfect combination, there are wonderful red sandstone scenes rare in the world, romantic and exciting drifting items, and more than 200 scenic spots so splendid as if done by spirit, hence it is called “Soul of Red Sand Stone” and “An Unrivaled of the World” by geological experts. The flying and milky Baoding Waterfall is just like a rainbow hanging down from heaven in nine twists, the famous geologist of the Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake once gave an inscription to it. Wupai River, with perilous torrents, strange rocks, secluded forests and beautiful waterfall is an ideal place to go for venture and drift. It has been confirmed to be the most ideal and only river section in China which can meet the requirements of training and contest of all six classes of world torrent sports by the State General Bureau of Sports. In the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, thousand kinds of medicinal herbs grow in the strange scenes, just like a Shangri-la. Cloud sea and snow scene in Ziyuan are not hard to find. Baptized by ice and snow, the innumerable mountains and valleys change its appearance into a vast expanse of snow, with greenness here and there. It not only has a flavor of the snow scene in the north, but also has a dreamlike color of that of South Ridge. Red tour with Laoshanjie as the brand enables you to review history of the Long March of the Red Army and drink the beauty of the primitive and natural scenery of Laoshanjie.

Other scenic areas underway include Fumanyuan Hot Spring Holiday Villa, Jiaoguchaong Waterfall Groups, Xiaojin New Stone Age Cultural Site, ten miles of level grassland on high mountain, Laoshanjie Red Army Long March Route, Yinzhu Lao Mountain Natural Preservation Zone, Flower and Fruit Park, etc. Tourism resources of Ziyuan are linked one by one, to form an integral whole and each with its own characteristics. Ziyuan County is praised by geological, garden and tourist experts as “a high taste national park”.

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