Guilin Merryland Theme Park

Guilin Merryland Theme Park is located in Xing’an County, 63 km north of Guilin City, about 45 minutes’ drive. Covering an area of 60 hectares, Guilin Merryland Theme Park, a project with the biggest investment in Resort World, is the largest and most popular theme park in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Guilin Merryland Theme Park was built in 1997 and was officially opened to the public in December 2000. It is a scenic area integrating entertainment, accommodation and golf leisure area into one as the national AAAAA scenic spot and one of the top 10 theme parks in China.

Derived beautiful and unique landscape from different places in the world, Guilin Merryland Theme Park is fantastic Magic Kingdom. The park is made up of six different style theme districts and Mandala garden. The six theme zones are China Town District, Western America Theme District, Fantastic World District, Pirate Theme District, Southern Pacific Ocean District and European District.

◎Merry China Town

Walking along the Great Wall, you will begin to your Chinese adventures across the time-space continuum in the old and mysterious Merry China town.

Merry China Town includes mainly the Great Wall, pavilions and towers of architectural styles in Ming and Qing dynasties of China. The major amusement facilities include: Wind & Fire Wheel, Ultimate-seed Motion, Merry-go-round, Hurricane, etc.

◎American Wild West

Once you come to American Wild West, you will amazed at such unique scenes as American Grand Canyon, Cowboys on Horseback, Gold Mine, etc, as if you are staying a small western town of America in the 19th century of the gold panning times.

The amusement facilities include: Canyon Raft Ride, Detonator, Casper as well as breathtaking and exciting Hollywood movie and TV special effect shows.

◎Dream World

Just like Alice in Wonderland, everything is alive and interesting, the old tree talk suddenly and the flower smile to you. Dream World takes the theme of dream-like world in the western fairy tales. Here, the buildings are colorful and splendid, with peculiar cartoons and amusement services and facilities set off between the cartoon castles and forest wood houses, big mushrooms. The main amusement facilities include: Dream Water World, Spook House Venture, Magic Halo and Flying Bus.

◎Pirate Village

Do you want to experience the thrilling scene just like the film "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Then you must go to Pirate village. Here, you can get up close and personal with pirates. Pirate Ship ride is great.

Pirate village include mainly the seaview houses of Caribbean Sea. The major amusement items include: Corsairs, Orbant Cannon, Skyrocket, Carnival Game City, etc

◎South Pacific Area

Hula, shells, seabeach, sunlight, volcano, oleaster and coco of Polynesia…enthusiastic and hospitable girls of South Coral Islands, straw huts of exotic state, unique customs…South Pacific Section with blue sky and greenish sea is welcoming your arrival.

In the section of South Pacific, the main amusement facilities include: Airship Surfing, Bungee Jumping, Roller Coaster, Great Barrier Reef Rock Climbing, Laser Battle Ship, etc.

◎Europe Area

European Section is a new theme area completed in September 2003, which presents to the visitors the European castles of the middle ancient times, high-rising sharp tower, pier stud and circular castle and parapet wall, crisscross arc and fountain, all of which show the noble and elegant European architectural styles. In this section, the most exciting and breathtaking amusement facility is “Jihad cavalry”.

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