Zhangzhou, which is adjacent to Xiamen, is a famous land of overseas Chinese and the hometown of many Taiwanese, featuring picturesque landscapes, a number of cultural sites and unique folk customs. Zhangzhou boasts five major tourism resources gardens with flowers and fruits, sacred religious sites, places of cultural and historical interest, seaside scenery and green ecology, which consist of famous flowers, weird hills, ancient temples, round towers and blue seawater. The best tourist attractions in Zhangzhou include Binhai National Geopark of Strand and Volcano, Dongshan Island, earth buildings which are the world architectural wonders, the time-honored cultural and historical sites with Zhaojia Castle in Zhangpu as the representative, and famous religious sacred places represented by Sanping Temple and Nanshan Temple with a history of over 1,000 years.

Main Tourist Attractions in Zhangzhou

Binhai National Geopark of Strand and Volcano

It is one of the first group of the 11 national geoparks in China, and the largest and best-preserved geologic ruins of strand and volcano with the most characteristics, which is rare in the world. The park is located on the western shore of Taiwan Straits in Qianting Town of Zhangpu County. with about 100 square kilometers. which integrates sightseeing, leisure, holiday resorts, recreational equipment over the sea and popular science education.

The geopark is composed of three major scenic zones, i.e.. Xiangshan Hill, Linjin Islet and Nanding Islet, and three seawater-bathing grounds, namely Qisha Bay, Jiangkou Bay and Houcai Bay. The volcanic wonders in Nanding Islet with 1.4 million of pillar-shaped joint basalts are the most attractive. ranking first in the world.

Dongshan Island

As the second largest island in Fujian Province, Dongshan Island is in the shape of a butterfly, hence another name "Butterfly Island." Located between two special economic zones - Xiamen and Shantou, Dongshan Island is a key scenic area of Fujian Province, with an area of 194 square kilometers. Dongshan Island has warm winters and cool summers, and is frost-free all the year round. with an annual average temperature of 20.8℃. The main island is composed of seven crescent bays that are linked with one another, undulating over 30 kilometers and forming a natural sea-side-bathing ground. In addition, there are many famous scenic spots and historical sites which are worth visiting.


Dongshan sea area is the center of the South Fujian Fishing Ground, which teems with marine products and is especially famous for prawns and groupers. Buses go from South Hubin Long-distance Bus Station to Dongshan at 08:00am and 13:00pm every day.

Zhaojia Castle

Commonly known as Zhaojia City, it is located in Huxi Township in Zhanpu County. about 90 kilometers from city Zhangzhou City. First constructed in the second year of the Xiangxing reign (1279) of the Song Dynasty. it consists of outer city, inner city and Wanbi Tower, with a total area of 139 mu, and contains abundant cultural relics and various kinds of old architectural structures.

Earth Buildings in Nanjing

The earth buildings (Tulou) in Nanjing are well-known in the world because of its long history. large quantity and scale, grotesque shapes and unique styles, hence they enjoy a reputation of being the" mythical buildings in mountainous areas."The earth buildings originated front the barracks, castles and mountain villages when Chen Yuanguang defended and developed Zhangzhou in the Tang Dynasty. Among them, the earth buildings of Tianluokeng in Shuyang Township are the most famous.

San Ping Temple

Located in Sanping Village, Wenfeng Township, Pinghe County, Sanping Temple was first built by Buddhist Monk Yi Zhong in the Tang Dynasty and later renovated at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Now it is a famous Buddhist temple in South Fujian and consists of the gate, Shrine of Sakyamuni Buddha, Ancestral Hall, Pagoda Hall, Dining Hall and monks' rooms, with a total area of over 3,000 square meters. Besides, there are eight major scenic spots in the surrounding areas of the temple.

Nanshan Temple

Nanshan Temple, originally known as Yanfu Buddhist Temple, lies at the foot of Danxia Mountain in the southern suburbs of Zhangzhou City, it is a famous Buddhist temple in South Fujian. First constructed in the 24th year of the Kaiyuan reign (736) of the Tang Dynasty. the temple has a history of over 1, 200 years. The halls in Nanshan Temple are tall, wide and magnificent. The architectural structures and sculptures in the temple are of high artistic value. The temple is well-known for its "five treasures and eight tourist attractions."

Transport to Zhangzhou

Luxury buses go from Xiamen Long-distance Bus Station to Zhangzhou regularly from 6:30am to 21:00pm, which takes about 1.5 hours, 18 yuan a person. The No. 2522 air-conditioned express train from Xiamen to Nanjing West Railway Station also goes to Zhangzhou, which departs from Xiamen at 08:58am and arrives in Zhangzhou at 09:52am.

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