Jessica Schillinger's Feedback on 16-day Top China Tour

Customer: Jessica Schillinger      Tour Dates: 2011-08-29

Tour Itinerary: 16-day Top China Tour

Hi Nancy,

We've finally made it back home. First day of work starts today. We had a wonderful China trip. Yellow Mountain is the highlights. I think we all loved its natural beauty. The Great Wall would be a close second. Our guide Rebecca in Beijing did a great job, because her English was very good, she had the most agreeable disposition, and was highly flexible.

Most of the hotels and meals were up to standard, the best being the Bund Hotel in Shanghai. Definitely the light show in Yangshuo is a WOW factory for all of us. This is NOT to be missed! Here are my suggestions about China trip:

1) Do not travel to more than 4 cities in a two week time period. You miss some good things, and rushing about between attractions will make you more tired. We should move one of the cities for this trip as we missed a lot of amazing things....:-( 

2) Beware the pollution in cities like Beijing and Xi'an. Wear a mask.

3) Definitely see the Yellow Mountain. The natural beauty is astounding.

Absolutely, we would like to recommend you and TripChinaGuide. I already have done that, in fact.

Thanks for everything!

Jessica Schillinger  :-) 

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