Kelly and Anna Paone's Feedback on 16-day Top China Tour

Customer: Kelly and Anna Paone ( Switzerland )      Tour Dates: 2012-07-13

Tour Itinerary: 16-day Top China Tour

Hi Andy,

Generally we were very pleased during the trip and very happy having chosen you.My sister is a very difficult person, but she's also very satisfied and wants to do it again in 2 years time. All the guides have made quite efforts to make our stay as pleasant as possible, particularly Lee (Guilin). We appreciate very much and please transmit to them our thanks and best wishes. All cars and drivers are almost perfect. They drive safely and are always on time and helpful.

Meals are also very good. We understand that sometimes it cannot be the best due to different situations and conditions. There is no comment about eating, very good and above average. Recommendable are the one in Beijing (Peking duck) and SPA in Xi'an.

Take care and keep up the quality of services.

Many thanks again,With our best regards,

Kelly and Anna

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