Panda Lake Jiuzhaigou Valley

Panda Lake has an average depth of 14 m and as its name implies is in the heart of panda country. This 90,000 sq m lake at 2,590 m altitude is surrounded by bamboo forests and a mix of deciduous and coniferous woodland. This vivid green lake becomes a feast of colour in the autumn. The lake is home to many small and curious Songpan Naked Carp that gather in large numbers when a leaf or pebble falls into the lake. The fish are protected and must not be fed by visitors. Water exits Panda Lake via the spectacular Panda Falls. These narrow falls have a drop height of 120 m and cascade down to the “Five Flower Lake” over a series of travertine terraces. A well-maintained wooden walkway allows visitors to descend beside the falls providing a unique way of seeing the spectacle.
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