How to make Chinese Zongzi?

George Feng -- Thu 6, 2013, 7:00 am

Zongzi is the traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival in China. You may see zongzi in different shapes like most popular triangular and pyramidal. Zongzi is a special kind of dumpling with a variety of fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. It is usually made of glutinous rice. The fillings can be pork, egg, beans, dates, fruits, sweet potato, walnuts, mushrooms, meat, or a combination of them. Fresh bamboo leaves are the best for the wrapping since the taste and smell of the fresh bamboo leaves is part of zongzi. To make Zongzi, you can follow the below 8 steps.

1. Cut the pork into the right shape, wash and peel off the mung beans, pit the dates and the like, and set them on some plates on the table respectively.

2. Use salt, sauce, preserved beancurd and more you like to flavor the pork and the mung beans and keep for an hour in advance.

3. Wash glutinous(sticky) rice and flavor it with salt and edible oil in an bigger container.

4. Wash and boil the resh bamboo leaves and flexible plant rope with water for muninutes until it is soft. By far, that is everything you should do before you start to wrap something.

5. With apron on your knee, you can sit down to start. Two or three pieces of bamboo leaves are piled up to wider on your palm, use a spoon to put the glutinous (sticky) rice on the leaves as a pad, set pork and mung beans and more, then a layer of rice on the top, at last a piece of leaf as cover and are furled with the leaves below into a pyramidal shap, bundle it up with grasslike rope. That wrapping work is finished and again.

6. If you want to wrap it into triangular shape, the order of working is little different with techniques. Before wrapping, the leaves are furled into a tundish shape at first. Then hold it with your hand (not on plam) while you are use the rice and other ingredient to fill it. Once the filling is finished, the leaves are furled again to the shape. More tips are required for it.

7. Check it, the wraps must be bundled up firmly before you have them boiled or steamedf for a long time untill they are fully bulged.

8. Keep in mind that the size of wrapped zongzi depends on the width of the folded leaves, and how much rice and other ingredient should be filled.

In China, zongzi is closely associated with the festival and celebration, which has more good wish - hit it! when someone does something. Moreover, zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival reminds Chinese people that the importance of loyalty and commitment to the community because the festival is in memory of the great patriot poet, Qu Yuan.

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