Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival


08:30-16:30, 7th Jan - 28th/29th Feb, every year

Main Venue

Qipanshan Ice and Snow World, near Qipanshan Tourism Development Zone, Shenyang

Entrance Ticket

RMB120 (Mon-Fri), RMB150(weekends and holidays)

Shenyang Snow Festival

What's On

First held in 1993, the Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival is a popular winter festival in Northeast China and has made great contributions to the development of the tourism in Shenyang and even in Liaoning Province. The festival is usually held from January to early March in Qipanshan Ice and Snow World, Northeast Asia Ski Resort, Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden, Baiqingzhai Ski Resort and other famous ski resorts in Shenyang City. 

During the festival, there are a great variety of large-scale activities, including lantern show, recreation, temple fair, ice-snow carnival, interactive activity and appreciation, blending ice-snow tourism and folk culture together and attracting numerous tourists from home and abroad every winter.

The festival is composed of the Ice and Snow Sculpture Area, the Entertainment Area and the Alpine Skiing Area. In Ice and Snow Sculpture Area, tourists can enjoy all kinds of snow carvings, such as palaces, huge animals and natural landscape. In Entertainment Area, tourists can enjoy themselves with a great variety of ski equipments and take an active part in all kinds of activities, including racing, skating in the evening, shooting and playing football on the snow. Besides, all kinds of new activities hold every year give tourists a real surprise. In Alpine Skiing Area, ski equipments can be rented and adventurous and exciting activities provide tourists an unforgettable experience. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the performances with folk customs, such as folklore performance and circus shows.

Special performances are staged during the festival, such as folklore shows, circus performances, fire dragon and traditional Man ethnic minority dances. The program of events changes each year to incorporate new and exciting activities. For instance, in 2007 there were sleds pulled by reindeers driven by Santa Clause and autos driven on the ice. For the keen photographer great views of the ice and snow world may be seen from big balloons drifting in the sky. Commercial interests are catered for in special regions for business services, aiming to facilitate international and national economic intercourses and transactions.

Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival in China

How to get

Ride the 180 or 180 Xiaji line (夏季线) bus to Pingdao Shequ (冯道社区) then walk 508 metres.

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