Jilin International Rime, Ice and Snow Festival


The last 10-day period of December to the first 10-day period of January


Jilin City of Jilin Province


The rime on both banks of the Songhua River in Jilin City is a natural wonder well known both at home and abroad. To make better use of the ice and snow tourism and culture resources in northeast China and promote the development of the local tourist industry and economy and trade, the Jilin Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Jilin City People‚Äôs Government jointly organize  the Jilin International Rime, Ice and Snow Festival every year starting in 1991.

Attractive Jilin Rime Festival

What's On

During the festival, tourists can appreciate rime, visit the ice lantern park fair, attend the ice and snow sports meet, set off fireworks, float lanterns on the river, watch a parade of decorated boats and the northeast China Delicacy Festival.

What to See Apart from the International Rime, Ice and Snow Festival in Jilin City

North Mountain, the ruins of the capital cities of the ancient Koguryo Kingdom in Longtan Mountain, and rime on the banks of the Songhua River.

How to Get

Tourists may go to Jilin City by air or train from other China cities.

Tourists Visit Jilin Rime

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