Best Time to Visit Chengdu

If you are considering the climate while planning a trip to Chengdu, the months from March to June and September to November are perhaps the most favorable and are definitely the best time to visit. The climate of Chengdu is moist, foggy and less sunlight. In summer, although the highest temperature is less than 35 Celsius degree, the weather is sultry. The hottest season here is during July and August when temperatures can be almost unbearable although Chengdu does have a few nice spots outside the city center where it is possible to get some shade and respite from the heat. In winter, although the average temperature is about 5 Celsius degree with few ice and snow, the weather is bleak. So the best time to visit Chengdu is between March and June or between September and November. Every year's February in the lunar calendar is the best time for people to go for a walk in the country in spring. At that time the peach trees in Longquan Mountain are in full bloom and the pear flowers were scattered lightly on mountain. Visitors can join the flower fair of Chengdu in February in the lunar calendar, or join the peony festival in April. Besides, every year in October the Happy Valley of Chengdu will hold the Hallowmas in Neverland.

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