Nightlife & Entertainment in Chengdu

Known for its leisure and enjoyment, Chengdu impresses tourists with its traditional theaters, teahouses, local cuisine, modern pubs and clubs, etc.

1. The Sichuan Opera 

Sichuan opera beginning in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) plays an important part of Chengdu culture as a local popularly opera in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces.  Its varied performances, such as Bianlian (Changing faces), Gundeng (Rolling lamps) and Tuhuo (Spitting fire) are very popular; Bianlian (Changing faces) is famous even in overseas for its mysterious techniques. The famous Changing faces can be seen in the Sichuan Opera Theater and also in Shunxing Old Tea House, third floor of Chengdu International Exhibition Center - No. 258, Shawan Road, in Shufeng Square inside People's Park, and Shufeng Yayun Garden in the Culture Park- No. 23 Qintai Road, Chengdu, Sichuan.

2. Tea House

Sichuan's tea culture has not only a very long history, but also some unique styles. Drinking tea has become quintessential part of Chengdu locals' daily life. There are a lot of teahouses scattered throughout the city.  Whichever tea house you go into, you can appreciate the strong flavor of Chengdu: the bamboo chairs, the square tables, the particular tea sets, the copper teapots and the special skill of filling water of the waiters. And all of these will give you some very deep impression.

Famous Teahouses:

a. Yuelai Tea House

Location: on Huaxingzheng Street.

Here provides free Sichuan opera performances from 14:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday and Saturday.

b. Heming Tea House

Location: inside Renmin Park.

c. Dabei Temple Tea House

Location: inside Dabei Temple Complex.

Here enjoys a good reputation for its history and surrounding ancient architecture. Antique and Chinese calligraphy and painting exchanges often take place here.

d. Wenshu Monastery Tea House 

Location: inside Wenshu Monastery, Middle Renmin Road.

Here offers traditional tea services.

3. Enjoy Sichuan Hot Pot

Hot Pot is a symbol of Sichuan cuisine style. People love to gather around a table to taste a small pot. The pot may be boiled by charcoal, electric or gas. You have a choice of spicy, pure or combo for the soup. Also, there are a great variety of pots, including Yuanyang hotpot (one side is spicy, the other is pure), four tastes hotpot, fish head hotpot, tonic hotpot, entire sheep hotpot, etc.

Venue: Local restaurant in Chengdu

4. Club, Bar and Coffee

a. Kakadu Club & Disco

Location: No. 16, the third section, south of the first Ring Road, Chengdu.

Dance music and theme parties.

b. Hongse Niandai (Red Age) Club

Location: Entrance of Nijia Bridge Road, Chengdu - close to the American Consulate Chengdu.

It has ten or so KTV boxes of various styles, as well as restaurant and disco hall.

Highlights: passionate music, DJ competition, fashion shows.

c. Meigaomei International Recreational Club

Location: Floor 5, Yanshikou Square, Lihua Street, Chengdu.

It is a KTV club with VIP box, disco hall, performance hall and sports bar.

d. Chengdu Allen Story Cafe

Location: No. 107, Shuangyuan Street, Shuangnan Residential District, Chengdu.

Highlight: The cafe offers telephone service among guests. One can make friends with other guests through a phone call.

e. Renhe Spring Cafe

Location: Floor 5, Renhe Spring Department Store, No. 59, Renmin East Road, Chengdu.

f. The Coffee Beanery

Location: Floor 2, Gaobang Department Store, Chunxi Road, Chengdu.

5. Recreation Area-Chengdu Jinli Recreational and Cultural Street

The street is located next to the Wuhou Memorial Temple. Numerous teahouses, guesthouses, bars, pubs and outlets selling tasty local delicacies and crafts make this attractive street a popular tourist destination. At dusk, it is the most beautiful time when the setting sun melts slowly onto the roofs of the houses and the red lanterns burn dreamily.

Location: It is situated on the Floor 1, No. 2, Xin Guanghua Jie, Chengdu, close to Yanshikou, the center of the city.

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