What to Pack for a Trip to Chengdu

Chengdu is infamous for its lack of sunshine. Therefore, tourists needn't worry too much about sun protection. However, Chengdu weather is usually quite humid. For this reason, while exploring the city, you may want to add plenty of waterproof clothing to your suitcase and avoid open-toed sandals unless you want wet feet. The winter months (Dec. to Feb.) can get relatively chilly, so warm clothes are recommended if visiting during this period. Please add and remove clothes as temperature changes greatly between day and night.


Spring in Chengdu is from March to May. The best outfit is long-sleeved T-shirts, thin sweaters and coat.


Between June and September, the outfit in Chengdu is summer clothes and umbrella. Summer is also the season when giant pandas are most active.


Autumn is from October to November. Prepare long-sleeved T-shirts, sweater and jacket to cope with the weather.


Between December and February, warm winter boots, woolen sweater and down jacket are necessary for winter.

At last, some medication for relief of Altitude/Mountain Sickness or diarrhoe is highly recommended. Garlic supposedly helps for Altitude Sickness. There are tourist shops along the way to the tourist destinations in the mountains selling bottled oxygen. You may want to buy them just in case.

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