Best Time to Visit Dali

Dali is located on a low-lying plateau, and boasts the unique attractions of Mount Cang and Erhai Lake, a bright pearl on the plateau. It has a unique plateau climate, which is spring like all the year round being warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Tour Dali in Spring

The spring time of Dali is from March to June. It is known as the best time to travel to Dali in a year. When in spring is at complete swing and all of nature is apparently along the way of revival; and also trees and blossoms in this gardening area tend to be green and in full blossom.  Tour Dali in this time, you can enjoy many flowers. Importantly, many festivals and celebrations are held by the Bai people during this time. Tourists can take this opportunity to touch the strong ethnic flavor of Dali.

Tour Dali in Summer

Summer (May to August) is the rainy season of Dali. But because of the not obvious temperature difference from the spring time, it is too much heat in this season. It is better to pay attention to the strong sun light which may cause tourists discomfort on the skin.

Tour Dali in Autumn

Autumn (September to November) in Dali is a cool season and also a peak season for Chinese tourists. During this season, tourists should be careful about the temperature difference in daytime and nighttime. Short-sleeve cloths in day and a jacket at the nigh will be better.

Tour Dali in Winter

Winter (December to February) in Dali is a dry season with the strong sunshine. There is no long-time severe cold climate in Dali. It is more like a late autumn than a winter in Dali. But because of its geographic location, Dali may also experience some sudden bad weather such as frozen, windy, etc.

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