Erhai Lake

2 km east of Dali with an altitude of 1972 meters above sea level, Erhai Lake is a beautiful highland lake of Yunnan Province and one of the seven biggest largest fresh water lakes in China. As it shapes like an ear, it named Erhai. Erhai Lake has an area of 250 square kilometers, with 40 km long from south to north, 7-9 km wide from east to west. Its circumference reaches 116 km, with an average depth of 11 m and the total storage capacity of 2.5 billion m³, which beautiful scenery and limpid waters of Erhai Lake are very charming and attractive.

Erhai Lake Dali China

Erhai Lake is a barrier lake formed after a fault foundering of the earth's crust. On the boundless expanse of the lake, there are steamers, sailing boats, and flying birds. In addition, with the reflections of Cangshan Mountain in the placid water, accompanied by Bai girls in bright-colored costumes on the shore or in fishing boats, the picturesque scenery makes you feel relaxed and content. Also, Erhai Lake is as bright and beautiful as a mirror. In the clear night, the moon is mirrored in the wide Erhai Lake and people call it the "Erhai Moor" which is the most beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake and one of the four best sights of Dali.

cormorant fishing erhai lake

There are Jinsuo, Chiwen and Yuji three major islands in the lake, and some Buddhist temples and villages are set in and around the lake, where are worth a visit. The fishing village of Bai Minority provides you a vivid experience of attractive Bai culture and lifestyle. The local farmers still adopt their traditional fishing skill - cormorant fishing. Tourists can take a boat cruise in Erhai Lake, or more adventure ones may rent a bike to go around it.

fishing village in erhai lake

Erhai Lake is a famous tourist attraction and Dali's business card; what's more, it is a bright pearl on the Yunnan plateau.

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