Dali Fact Sheet

Dali in Chinese Pinyin: Dàlǐ

Dali in simple Chinese: 大理


Northwestern of Yunnan Province

Full name: Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture

Area: 29,459 square kilometers

Coordinates: between 98°52'E~101°03'E and 24°41' N~26°42' N.

Population: 3,510,000(2008)

Ethnic Groups: Bai, Hui, Miao, Yi, Dai, Yao, Zhuan, etc.

Area Code: 0872

Zip Code: 671000

Administrative Divisions

Dali administers 1 county-level city, 8 counties and 3 autonomous counties:

◎1 County-level City


◎8 Counties

Xiangyun County, Binchuan County, Midu County, Yongping County, Yunlong County, Eryuan CountyJianchuan County, Heqing County.

◎3 Autonomous Counties

Yangbi Yi Autonomous County, Nanjian Yi Autonomous County and Weishan Yi Hui Autonomous County.



Dali Airport


Dali Railway Station


Dali Bus Station, Xiaguan Bus Station, Dayun Bus Station and Dali Bus Departure Place of Ancient City.

◎Tourist Attractions

Dali Ancient City, Erhai Lake, Xizhou Town, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Film City, Cangshan Mountains, Jianchuan Bell Rock Cave, Tower of Fuotu Temple, Three Pagodas, Chong Sheng Temple, Butterfly Spring, The zhangs' Garden, Shaxi AncientTown, Shibaoshan Mountain etc.


Dali College


The low latitude plateau monsoon climate, temperature difference is small in the four seasons.

Folk Customs

Bai nationality amorous feelings, Vernacular architecture of Bai nationality, Religious beliefs of Bai nationality.

Special Local Products

Inkstone, Bandhnu, Tuo Tea, Juglans Regia.


Sparassis Crispa, Crateva Unilocularis, Matsutake, Winkles, Erkuai (a rice based food literally means "ear piece") etc.

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