What to Pack for a Trip to Jiuzhaigou

Before planning your trip to Jiuzhaigou, you must first check what the weather is going to be like. This will help you know the kind of clothes to pack for the trip, which you can find out from the internet or our page about weather of Jiuzhaigou.

Spring (Mar. – May)

Weather in Jiuzhaigou in spring, from March till the end of May, is quite changeable, not as mild as most places in China. The snow of winter starts melting during the middle ten days of March. At that time, the roads become slippery. Tourists should wear slip-proofing shoes. March brings the springtime. There is strong sunlight in Jiuzhaigou because of the plateau landscape there. It is not cold in Jiuzhaigou spring, but the ultraviolet radiation is strong. Considering Jiuzhaigou weather in this season, you’d better wear a blouse or T-shirt with a thin coat or sweater. Besides, girls should better bring with their sun blocks (lotions).

Summer (Jun. – Aug.)

Jiuzhaigou weather in summer, from June till end of August, is quite comfortable. At that time everywhere of Jiuzhaigou is green. Summer is also the rainy season of Jiuzhaigou. There will be suddenly rain there. But it won’t last very a long time. So don’t worry about this Jiuzhaigou rain. The scenery of Jiuzhaigou becomes clearer after the rain. It will be the best time for taking photos. Jiuzhaigou is not hot in summer except those places blazed down by sun. The wearing tips are T-shirts, dusts coat and jeans. It is nice and cool during early morning and evening, so a dust coat is a wise decision too. At last, you should not miss your sunglasses, sunbonnet, sun lotion and umbrella.

Autumn (Sep. – Nov.)

Jiuzhaigou climate in autumn, from September to November, is quite cool. Jiuzhaigou enjoys its most beautiful appearance in fall. Most people regard the fall of Jiuzhaigou as the most spectacular scenery among all four seasons. The maple leaves have changed their color. The red maple leaves reflect with the green and blue water. You will be surprising of the masterpiece by nature! Though being the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou, the coolness in autumn pervaded the whole Valley, and the difference in temperature between day and night is bigger. You are suggested to wear thin sweater or thick coat in this season. And sunglasses and sun cream for the strong sunshine are necessary, too.

Winter (Dec. – Feb.)

Jiuzhaigou weather in winter, from the end of October to March next year, is rather cold. At this season, Jiuzhaigou is snowy from time to time. Jiuzhaigou in the winter becomes a fairyland of glittering and translucent ice waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and sapphirine lakes covered in white. When you make your itinerary to Jiuzhaigou in winter, you should wear down cotton-wadded jacket down clothing or anorak, trousers, shoes, and do not forget to wear a thich hat and gloves. At last, you also need to take a pair of snow glasses when you climb the mountain.

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