Datong Fact Sheet

Datong in Chinese Pinyin: Dàtóng

Datong in simple Chinese: 大同


Northeast edge of the Loess Plateau

Abbreviation: Yun

Area: 14,176 square kilometers

Coordinates: 40°N, 113°E

Population: 3,310,000

Area Code: 0352

Zip Code: 037000

City Flower: Coreopsis

City Tree: Chinese Pine

Language: Datong Dialect

Main Rivers: Yu River, Shili River, Kouquan River and Gan He

Administrative Divisions

Datong administers 4 Municipal Districts, 7 counties:

◎4 Municipal Districts

Urban District, Mining District, Nanjiao District and Xinrong District.

◎7 Counties

Yanggao County, Tianzhen County, Guangling County, Lingqiu County, Hunyuan County, Zuoyun County, Datong County.



Datong Airport


Datong Railway Station


Datong Bus Station, Xinnan Passenger Transport Station, North Passenger Transport Station.

Tourist Attractions

Yungang Grottoes, The Great Wall, Heng Mountain, Hanging Temple, Datong Volcanic Group, Shanhua Temple, Upper Huayan Temple, Lower Huayan Temple, Datong Ancient City Wall

Colleges and Universities

Shanxi Datong University

Datong Tongmei University


Temperate continental semi-arid monsoon climate, 7-9℃ average temperature in Spring, 19-22℃ average temperature in Summer, 6-8℃ average temperature in Autumn, -7-12℃ average temperature in Winter.

Sister Cities


Mima (Japan)


Geneva (Switzerland)

Carrara (Italy)

Special Local Products

Guangling Millet, Datong Yellow Flowers, Guangling Thrush Donkey, Doushan Almond, etc.


Guangling dried bean curd, Prosso millet cake, Haggis, Sliced noodles, etc.

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