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Yuanyang was once crowned as one of the top 100 China's most attractive places by many Chinese travel magazines and web portals. Known for its breathtaking Rice Terraces and the intense ethnic life, it is 273 km south of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. The below is a list of some useful tourism facts about Yuanyang for your information. 


2,292 square kilometers

Area Code: 0873

Zip Code: 662400 

County Seat: Nansha Town


Yuanyang is located in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, the south section of the Ailao Mountains.


Yuanyang has a population of approximately 370,000 (2004), of which 88% belong to ethnic minorities and 95% is associated with agriculture.

Administrative Division 

Yuanyang has jurisdiction over 14 towns, including Nansha, Xinjie, Niujiaozhai, Shalatuo, Ga'niang, Shangxincheng, Xiaoxinjie, Fengchunling, Daping, Panzhihua, Huangmaoling, Huangcaoling, Etuo and Majie.


Yuanyang county lies at an altitude ranging from 140 along the Red River up to nearly 3000 metres above sea level in the Ailao mountains and is situated about 50 km north of the border with Vietnam.


The climate of Yuanyang County is mainly central sub-tropical monsoon with wet summers and dry winters. Average temperatures range from 26 ℃ down in the Red river valley to 4 ℃ in the upper reaches of the mountains.

Ethnic groups

7 ethnic groups live in Yuanyang, including Hani people, Miao people, Yao people, Dai people, Zhuang people, Yi people, and Han Chinese. 

Tourist Attractions

Laomeng Village, Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village, Xinjiezhen (Yuanyang Old Town), Shengcun Market, Duoyishu Rice Terraces, Laohuzui Rice Terraces, Bada Rice Terraces, Longshuba Rice Terraces, Aichun Rice Terraces, Mount Guanyin Scenic Area.   

Nearby Towns and Cities

The closest large towns to the west of Yuanyang County are Shiping and Yuanjiang. Gejiu (47km) is the major town to the north-east and also the capital of Honghe prefecture. 70 km directly to the north of Yuanyang lies Jianshui, a small city with interesting monuments. A few hours to the south-east of Yuanyang is Luchun, another major Hani minority settlement turned modern city.

Due to recent highway construction, Yuanyang Old Town (Xinjiezhen) can now be reached in about seven hours by direct bus from Yunnan's capital Kunming, situated 273 km to the north of the county. Buses also connect Yuanyang with the town of Hekou and the border crossing with Vietnam (6 hours).

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