Best Time to Visit Yuanyuang

The best time to visit Yuanyang of course is the best time to go to see the Yuanyang rice terraces. In a year, January, February, March, early April, November, and December are known as the optimum time to see the rice terraces. During these months, there is no rice in the flooded paddy fields and every layer of level terraces is bright with perfect effect of light, colors and shadow. After February, the sea of clouds can always be enjoyed and all kinds of flowers will be in blossom gradually, which makes a beautiful picture. But for some photographers and tourists, mid-April to mid-July, and late-July to mid-August are also perfect time to take the pictures of green and yellow rice terraces.

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces China

It is quite important to appreciate the best scenery of the Yuanyang rice terraces in a perfect time. Duoyishu Scenic Area is suitable for visiting in the morning. The area offers very stunning sunrise and the sea of clouds. The Bada and Laohuzui scenic areas are the best places for seeing the sunset over the breathtaking rice terraces. 

sunet hani rice terraces

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