Things to do in Yuanyuang

Yuanyang is known for its terraced rice fields and ethnic traditions and culture, travel there you can find many interesting things to do. 

1. Enjoy the spectacular sunrise (the best place is Duoyishu) and sunset (the best place is Laohuzui) over the flooded rice terraces in winter, but it really depends on the weather condition. It's great to have fog in the morning and cloud at dusk in a sunny day. 

2. Take photos of the breathtaking colorful terraced rice fields and the local ethnic groups and their unique mushroom houses. 

3. Visit the ethnic minority villages and markets/fairs (the markets/fairs in Xinjie Town and Shengcun Village are highly recommended) where the locals wear their colorful traditional costumes. 

4. Hike along the rice terrace paths to see the most beautiful carved lines in the world.  

5. Watch Hani ethnic group’s folk custom performance and the beautiful rice terraces at Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village. 

what to do in yuanyang

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