Transportation in Suzhou

Suzhou is the important economy, tourism, foreign trade, industry and commerce and logistics centre of Jiangsu province. It is known as "paradise on earth" for its natural treasures and outstanding people. It is also famous for its beautiful landscape and elegant gardens. As one of major tourist cities of China, there are many ways to get in it, such as plane, train and bus. All of them offer great convenience to visitors.

Getting there

◎By Plane

Suzhou doesn't have a passenger airport at present. Visitors who want to reach Suzhou by air can firstly fly to the airports of nearby Shanghai and then take bus to Shanghai. 

1. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

It is about 86 kilometers away from Suzhou. Upon arrival, you can take a shuttle bus to Suzhou.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

It is about 120 kilometers away from Suzhou. Upon arrival, you can take an airport bus to get to Suzhou.

Besides, you can also firstly fly to the airports of nearby Hangzhou and Wuxi. Wuxi Airport is situated in the southeast of Wuxi and has several domestic and few international flights, is closer to Suzhou.

◎By Train

There are four major rail stations in Suzhou that is Suzhou Station, Suzhou North Station, Suzhou Industrial Park Station and Suzhou Xinqu Station, details are as the following:

1. Suzhou Station

It is located at 27 Suzhan road of Pingjiang area, Suzhou. There are frequent high-speed trains to Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and Nanjing. A train ride to Shanghai takes less than half an hour and Nanjing is about one hour away. 

2. Suzhou North Railway Station

Located at the north of Suzhou station 10.5 kilometers, is used for high-speed trains departing to/from Beijing. It usually takes 5 hours to Beijing.

3. Suzhou Industrial Park Railway Station

It is located at Suzhou industrial park. It serves for 46 bullet trains of the Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway every day.

4. Suzhou Xinqu Station

It is located at Hushuguan town, Xinqu district. It provides 11 scheduled bullet trains on the Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway every day.

◎By Bus

There are three major bus stations in Suzhou that is Suzhou South Bus Station, Suzhou North Bus Station and Suzhou West Bus Station, details are as the following:

1. Suzhou South Bus Station

Located at interchange of east nanhuan road and yingchun road, is the largest bus station. It provides regular shuttles to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou as well as most other major destinations around eastern China. You can arrive at the bus station by taking buses 29, 30, 31 and 101.

2. Suzhou North Bus Station

Located at 29 Xihui road, is immediately adjacent to the train station. It mainly serves nearby cities such as Wuxi, Zhangjiagang, Changzhou and Kunshan as well as less-frequent services to other cities including Nanjing. You can walk into the city centre in 20-30 minutes.

3. Suzhou West Bus Station

It is located at interchange of Suzhou new district's changjiang road and jinshan road. It provides regular buses to Henan, Hebei, Hunan, Shandong, Sichuan, etc. You can arrive at the bus station by taking buses 324, 322, 51, 303, 304 and 327.

Getting around

◎By Bicycle

Bicycle is a very popular way to get around the city. Bikes can be rented from most youth hostels or small bike shops (around 30 yuan per day for a slow, heavy 1-speed city bike) or from the Bicycle Kingdom rental agency on Pingjiang road (they have road bikes and mountain bikes to rent for around 150-300 yuan per day depending on the model).

◎By Bus

Bus is a very convenient way to get around the city. Fares are based upon the distance between where you board and get off - most times you will pay ¥1 or ¥2, the fare will be displayed on the bus schedule as well as on a digital display above the driver's seat.

◎By Taxi

Taxi is also a good way to travel around. The starting fare of taxi is 10yuan (first 3km) during the day, 1.8yuan/km after 3km, and 50% of the price is added to the passenger fee after 5km. At night (after 23:00), the price is 13 Yuan for the first three kilometers and 12 Yuan for each additional kilometer. 

◎By Rickshaw

Rickshaw is a special way to travel around the old city area. The starting price of a rickshaw is 2 Yuan per person and then 4 Yuan for every additional kilometer.  

◎By Boat

Getting around Suzhou by boat is a must-do and interesting in the evening.

1. Grand Canal Night Cruise

Suzhou Ancient Canal Tour Ltd. provides night cruises on the city moat. What most visitors fail to realize is that large part of the city moat is actually the Grand Canal. Over 20 historical attractions of Suzhou are united by it, making for an exquisite night tour. In the evening, you can enjoy the lights from the ancient city walls, Couple’s Garden, and Baodai Bride. Though day time tours are lovely, colors and lights of night tours are incomparable. The trip circumnavigates the entire ancient city and will take about 80 minutes.

2. Jinji Lake Night Cruise

Night cruises on Jinji Lake provide excellent sights and photo opportunities of the entire area. Evening boats leave from the Lake Watching Pavilion and pass by eight top attractions: the Lake Side Avenue, Li Gong Di Commercial Water Street, Peach Island, Ferris Wheel, Expo Center, Science and Culture Center, Linglong Island, and Music Fountain. The whole trip takes approximately 45 minutes.

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