Best Time to Visit Suzhou

Suzhou has a four-season, monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, and cool, cloudy, damp winters with occasional snowfall. In terms of weather and climate, Suzhou is an all-year-round tourist destination. However, the best time to visit Suzhou is from April to October. 

The weather is good despite a tendency to be rainy and the osmanthus trees flower at this time, perfuming the entire city. Summers in Suzhou are hot and humid while springtime is pleasant but can be rainy. Winters are surprisingly cold, made worse by the poor heating and lack of insulation in most buildings. If you're in Suzhou during Chinese New Year, make sure to visit the Plum Blossom Festival in Xi Shan. There's also a Lantern Festival that takes place 15 days after the Lunar New Year at Pan Gate.

Here are some tips. When you visit Suzhou private gardens or the ancient towns around it, you had better avoid the weekends and holidays. Only without too many people can you experience and appreciate the special charms of Suzhou gardens.


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