Suzhou Fact Sheet

Suzhou in Chinese Pinyin: Sūzhōu

Suzhou in simple Chinese: 苏州


Suzhou is located in the central part of Yangtze River Delta Region and is adjacent to Shanghai and Wuxi.

Abbreviation: Su

Area: 8,488 square kilometers

Coordinates: 31°18'N, 120°36' E

Population: 10.47 million (2010)

Area Code: 0512

Zip Code: 215000

City Flower: Osmanthus

City Tree: Camphor laurel

Language: Suzhou Dialect

Main Rivers: Grand Canal

Administrative Divisions

Suzhou administers 6 districts and 5 county-level cities:

◎6 Districts

Gusu District, Xiangcheng District, Wuzhong District, Huqiu District, Wujiang District and International development industry District.

◎5 County-level Cities

Changshu City, Kunshan City, Zhangjiagang City and Taicang City.



Suzhou doesn't have a passenger airport at present. Visitors who want to reach Suzhou by air can firstly fly to the airports of nearby Shanghai. There are two international airports in Shanghai that is Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport; both of them are used frequently by domestic and international visitors.


Suzhou Station, Suzhou North Station, Suzhou Industrial Park Station and Suzhou Xinqu Station.


Suzhou South Bus Station, Suzhou North Bus Station and Suzhou West Bus Station.

Tourist Attractions

Humble Administrator’s Garden, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Lingering Garden, Garden of the Master of Nets, Canglang Pavilion, Lion Grove Garden, Tiger Hill Park, Suzhou Silk Museum, Tongli Water Town, Pan Gate, Hanshan Temple, etc.


Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Garden Museum, Suzhou Inscriptions Museum, Suzhou Silk Musuem, Suzhou Coins Museum, Kunqu Opera Museum, Suzhou Art & Crafts Museum, Xiao Fangfang Performing Arts Museum

Colleges and Universities

Suzhou University

Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Wenzheng College of Suzhou University

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology


The climate in Suzhou is subtropical monsoon climate, its average annual rainfall is 1100 mm and annual average temperature is 15.7℃.

Sister Cities


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◎Northern America

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Special Local Products

Spring Tea, Zhenhu Tributing Tea, Silk Products, Suzhou Embroidery, Su Fan, etc.


Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish, Crab Meat and Sinew, Cherry Flesh, Zongzi Sugar, The Peacock Dumpling, Meat sauce, etc.

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