Best Time to Visit Mount Wuyi

The best time to visit Mount Wuyi is summer. Although the climate is hot in summer, it is the most luxuriant growth of all things, and the mountain's scenery is the most unique at this time. 

The hottest month of Mount Wuyi is in July. If you choose to travel at this time, bear in mind to have a rest at the hotel during 12:00 to 15:00 for avoiding the high temperature outside. And because the daytime in summer is longer, even if start to travel at 15:00 is not too late to enjoy the beauty of the mountain. 

Mid-September, the low season for touring the mountain, when visitors are relatively fewer but the climate is very comfortable. If you want to have a bamboo ride on the Nine-bend Stream (Jiuquxi), the best time to for a visit is from October to November, when temperatures is neither cold nor hot.

The climate of Wuyi Mountain is mild and humid all the year round, with an average annual temperature of 17.6 ℃. In general, it is suitable to tour Wuyi Mountain all year round, but in winter, the mountain scenery is depression and natural scenery will greatly reduce. 

So, for the most splendid landscape of Mount Wuyi, you'd visit it in summer; for wonderful scenery and comfortable weather, you can visit there in autumn.

Wuyi Mountains

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