Best China Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon is cherished and awaited moments in the life. Sometimes it is even more important than wadding itself.  Everyone wants to have a good time with partner, have unforgettable moments in the life and come close to each other. China may not be the first place that comes into main for romantic honeymoon destination, but it is exactly the right choice for you. Take a look at China`s 8 best honeymoon destinations and get some ideas.

Yalong Bay 

Yalong Bay, known as the Yalong Bay National Resort, is a beach located southwest of Sanya, Hainan Province. It is the best beach in Sanya, your honeymoon will be unforgettable in the exotic land of Hainan Island. There is the best international hotel. The beautiful hotel situated right on the Yulong Bay with nice gardens and wonderful pools. You can enjoy water sports, walk around and explore together the beauty of Sanya. Enjoy the tropical paradise, relaxing spots and have a treatment at the spa. This is definitely an out of the ordinary honeymoon destination.

Yalong Bay, Sanya, China

Old Town of Lijiang 

The Old Town of Lijiang is a central town of the Lijiang Autonomous County. This is a famous honeymoon destination among married couples. The three-covered Mt. Lion in the west, Mt. Elephant and Mt. Golden Row in the north embraced the Old Town and the crystal clear water running through in the southeast. The buildings here incorporate the best parts of the Han, Bai and Tibetan architecture. Naxi people pay much attention to the decoration of the houses where they live so each building has unique free style. Visit Old Town with your love and together can get much fun from the magical part of the China.

Lijiang Ancient City Scenery

Hailuogou National Geopark 

Hailuogou located in southeast of Ganzi in Sichuan Province. It is extremely mountainous park. The beauty o this place is in silence of the valley, the huge ice caves, the steep ice bridge and the magnificent and extraordinary Huanggoushu waterfall. Couples, who`d like to have extremely vocation and like the winter sports, can come to Hailuohou to enjoy the wildlife of this place. You can climb to the peak of the mountains, skiing and snowballing. Romantic evening with a bonfire would be suitable to your honeymoon.

Hailuogou Glacier Park

Yabuli Ski Resort

The best Ski Resort Yabuli located in Heilongjiang Province, about 180 kilometers southeast of the province`s capital city, Harbin. This resort will make you impress and do not feel regret get so much fun in your honeymoon. The resort has nine ski lifts, is more than enough to ferry skiers to the destination without having to wait and enjoy with all spectacular view of the land. This resort, also, serves as the primary training venue for China`s national teams, what should give an idea of the quality of the slopes at Yabuli Ski Resort. 

Yabuli Ski Resort  China

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island is just two kilometers area. It is something different here, there are no cars. You can walk all a day and admire the architecture. This island is on the list of “Top 10 Most scenic areas in Fujian Province”. Take a way to the peak of the island`s mountain and discover new beautiful panorama. Enjoy water sports and the bird’s sanctuary. 

Gulang Island


Dali is an ancient city of Yunan Province. Dali is the historical village with unique architecture and old streets. It is the popular destination and is the heaven for backpackers. There is absolutely breathtaking views and provide plenty of photo opportunities.  It is amazing place to the couples be far away from civilization for few days and enjoys natural Chinese beauty. 

Dali Ancient City China

Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou is more than just beautiful scenery, is home to Tibetan villages, to the giant pandas, to the golden monkeys and the cleanest water in the world. Jiuzhaigou located in South Western China. The most beautiful part of the Jiuzhaigou is its fabled blue and green lakes, waterfalls and unique wildlife. It is one of the good idea to make your honeymoon unforgettable with spectacular scenery and in the China`s most treasured scenic site. 

Summer Pictures of Jiuzhaigou

Backhor Street

Backhor Street, in the heart of Lhasa`s old town, is traditional street, where you can find many Tibetan style things.  

Barkhor Street Lhasa

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