China's Top Four Taoist Mountains

The four Sacred Mountains of Taoism are Mt. Wudang, Mt. Longhu, Mt. Qiyun and Mt. Qigncheng. Each of the Four Mountains is a center of history, art and spirituality. It is a place of great inspiration and support to Touist practitioners. The sacred mountains have always been important destinations for pilgrims. There are highly valued pilgrimages to the sacred mountains.

Mount Wudang 

As a famous Chinese place, Wudang Mountain is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. In 1994, the ancient Building Complex on Wudang Mountain was included of the World Heritage List by UNESCO. At present, the building complex includes the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the Palace of Harmony, the Yuzhen Palace, the Cliff Palace, the Five Dragon Ancestral Tample and the Fuzhen Temple.  In addition, The Wudang Mountain has grandiosity and glamour 72 peaks, 36 rocks, 24 streams, 11 caves, 9 springs and 3 ponds. Whole a year, visitors can enjoy the Mt. Wudang`s wonderful natural scenery and landscape. If you would like to learn more about Taoism, Mt. Wudang is good choice.

Wudang Mountains China

Mount Longhu

Mount Longhu, also names as Mount Dragon and Tiger, is located in Jiangxi Province. There are six major sights: Spring Rock, Heavenly Echo Mountain, Mazu Rock, Mt. Dragon and Tiger, Supreme Purity Palace and Hong Hu Lake. Mt. Langhu has always been as the sacred place of Taoism. It is one of the most important philosophies in China, together with Confucianism and Buddhism. The spending waterfalls, natural ponds, crystal streams, unique rocks and green peaks show this place`s fantastic and marvelous beauty. 

 Mount Qiyun

Mount Qiyun located in Xiunning County, Anhui Province, also known as the land of the white clouds. Qiyun literally means “high as the clouds”, what says that here you can see Chinese clouds beauty; visitors can enjoy the rich culture, especial geological structure and Touist culture. This mountains area covers 110 square kilometers and it has four major scenic spots: Yuehua Street, Young cave, Hengjiang River and Tower above Towers.  This mountain has a priceless view and marvelous beauty.  

 A Temple in Qiyun Mountain

Mount Qingcheng 

Mt. Qingcheng is located in southwest of Dujiangyan City, in Sichuan Province. The green forest whole year covered in Mt. Qingcheng. In the mountain, there are thousands of steps leading to the top, where you can find most quite and tranquil place.  Mt. Qingcheng is divided into two parts: the Front Mountain and the Rear Mountain. The main part Front Mount is the area of 15 square kilometers. There are Shangqing Palace, Chaoyang Cave, Jianfu Palace and Tianshi Palace. The Front Mountain is well-known for its ancient architectures. The rear part has the nature scenery with mysterious caves, various pools and within the area of 100 square kilometers.

Ancient Buildings in Qingcheng Mountain Chengdu

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