Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

Safety Tips

Cuisine of Zhangjiajie Hunan province is of spicy types and local people eat everything laced with hot peppers or black pepper even the instant noodles is mostly chili flavor. So if you are not a fan of spicy food, just state clearly with your guide for non-spicy dishes.

People in Zhangjiajie areas are mainly Tujia or Miao minorities, so when you travel to there, respect their customs and listen to your guide.

Wear skid proof shoes for visiting in Zhangjiajie since it may involves in some Hill Road or Sharp turn Road; if necessary, prepare some medicines along

Pay Attention When Travel in Rainy Days

The mountains will be shrouded by the mist in the raining days. It is not convenient for your sightseeing due to the poor visibility. On the other side, some people think that the mountains scenery is enhanced by the veil of mist, like a wonderland. Mountains in mist or not, it is up to you. By the way, the rugged road may be slippery in the raining days.

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