Best Time to Visit Zhangjiajie

It is difficult to say which is the best time to visit Zhangjiajie, its mountainous surroundings make it attractive in all seasons. The climate is always comfortable with the annual average temperature of 16°C (61 °F).

In spring, all the flowers on mountains blossom and mountains are luxuriantly green.

In summer, the forests flourish and are strongly fragrant.

Autumn is a romantic season and visitors who come to Zhangjiajie can appreciate a sense of poetry at this time.

In the winter, visitors can marvel at the evergreen trees amongst the snowy landscape.

The true charm of Zhangjiajie lies in the beauty of its mountains. Regardless of the changing seasons, the area's mountains remain just as breathtaking.

Avoid Peak Holidays

There are usually lots of tourists in the peak season. You will hardly find an accommodation, and also spend much more money on the hiking commodity prices. Usually the summer and autumn is the peak season.

It is not a good idea to travel in China during Chinese public holidays when huge numbers of Chinese people are traveling around. The busiest three national holidays in China are Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival is an especially crowded time to travel. The advantage of being in China at this time is that you will get the opportunity to experience "first hand" the significance of these celebrations in Chinese culture.

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