Zhangjiajie Restaurants

Zhangjiajie City has restaurants that will please every visitor, regardless of your budget. From simple food served by street vendors to five star dining establishments (with prices to match) it can become overwhelming to decide just where to dine in Zhangjiajie City. Here we've listed some famous restaurants you may want to include during your Zhangjiajie trip.

◎ Zhangjiajie Xiang Li Ren Jia

Zhangjiajie Xiang Li Ren Jia locates in the wings of Zhangjiajie bus station next to A YA YA (the most well known chain store for accouterment). It is composed of a large hall and many balconies which can entertain 500 guests at one time. Xiang is the short of Hunan. This restaurant is absolutely an authentic restaurant for Hunan cuisine. Of course this restaurant cooks local dishes. But, it as well provides food of every where of China. Prices in Xiang Li Ren Jia are reasonable too.

Phone: 0744-8297977

Address: Huilong Road, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

 ◎ Zhangjiajie Yin Du Da Jiu Dian

This restaurant is built right in Wulingyuan Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. It major serves food of local Tu and Miao minorities. Yin Du Da Jiu Dian also in traditional building of Tujia minority. Minority flavors such as preserved ham, bacon, special wine and pickled vegetables can be found in Yi Du Da Jiu Dian. There are many Chinese red lanterns hanging both outside and inside of the restaurant. The red lanterns brings festival ambience for Yin Du Jiu Dian. It chooses local materials for food and adopting the traditional cooking method. The decoration inside is compact and original-wooden chairs, wooden armrests, wooden frames and so on.

Phone: 0744-5618886

Address: Wuling Road, Wulingyuan Beauty Spot, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

 ◎ Zhangjiajie Hua Mei Lou

Hua Mei Lou is a long building in two-storey. It can be regarded as the product of bamboo. From the front face, you will bamboo walls, handrail and bamboo lattice of windows. In side, you will find there are bamboo chairs and every thing can be made by bamboo. This is a restaurant born from mountain or nature. Hua Mei Lou is not luxury in appearance at all, but it is full of natural and wild elements. It serves Tu minority dishes, especially all kinds of venison and bacon food. Hua Mei Lou is one of the best restaurants for looking for Tu Minoritu food.

Phone: 0744-8381217

Address: Nanzhuangping, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

 ◎ Zhangjiajie Ye Zhu Lin Restaurant

This Restaurant literally means “the Wild Boar Forest”. Clearly, the meat of wild boar is also a famous dish of this restaurant. Located 3 km far away from Zhangjiajie city center, it is the must-pass leading to Zhangjiajie beauty spot. By such a location, Ye Zhu Lin Restaurant gathering both convenient transportation and fresh air is a nice restaurant for choice.It is a building in traditional architecture style-Tujia Minority Diao Jiao Lou. It is famous for the Tujia minority dishes and Zhangjiajie game. This restaurant at present sets up 14 balconies which can serve 200 people. Guests can not only enjoy the freshest vegetables, but also can pick the vegetables too. Here, you will experience the unique eating style and the most wonderful food which you have never had before.

Phone: 0744-8202006, 139074401

Address: Zhangqing Road, Gaoqiao Area, Zhangjiajie Suburb, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

◎ Zhangjiajie Ba Mi Qiao

Ba Mi Qiao is a interesting Chinese name which literally means “eight-meter long bridge”. Located in suburb of Zhangjiajie and surrounded by trees and flowers, the restaurant is a wooden building in traditional Tujia minority architecture style. Its top is a wooden pavilion. Morning glories are climbing on the wooden fencings. At fist sight, many people would think of it as a rich house of local resident because they will see lots bundles of corns hanging in terrace. Ba Mi Qiao specializes in Tu minority dishes such as preserved pork, fish, hams, vegetables and hot cuisine.

Phone: 0744-8222222

Address: Yongding District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

◎ Centuries Dayong Restaurant

Centuries Dayong Restaurant(Bainiandayong Jiulou) is located by Zhangjiajie Railway Station, only 1 km to the Railway Station, 5 km to Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport, and 1 km to Tianmen Mountain Cable Car company. The restaurant enjoys elegant environment and serves very excellent Tujia ethnic group's style dishes.


13637445158(Mr chu)

13574433799(Mr li)

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