Shopping in Zhangjiajie

Shopping in Zhangjiajie is always on top of the itinerary chart for any tourist visiting the city. There are whole shebang of items of tourist choice, such as batik,  brocade, handicrafts, fruit, tea, jade, silk and silver ware etc. Meini Shopping Center, Tianzijie and People's Square Tourism Commercial Pedestrian Street are the  principle shopping areas.

What to buy in Zhangjiajie?

◎Tujia Batik

Batik is a traditional folk craftwork in Chinese Tujia ethnic group. The batik is one of the three printing crafts in ancient China. The Tujia girls begin to learn batik when they are a child. The skills are often passed down from generation to generation. In most Zhangjiajie villages, all family have their own wax knives and dye vats. They can draw all kinds of fancy pictures on the handmade cloth however they like. The Tujia batik is lovely in style. The patterns of the batik are from the natural elements, such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, and people's daily works and activities.

◎Stickup Drawings

Stickup Drawings refer to affixing materials on a three-ply to form into a fine picture. This is a unique drawing method which adopts the absolutely natural resources. Materials for the pictures are sandstone, bark, bamboo shoot shell and rags. These pictures with no paper, no paint, no brush, no prepared Chinese ink are natural pictures. In Zhangjiajie, most stickup drawings are made by Tujia ethnic group, they present people the beautiful landscape of Zhangjiajie and the life styles of the local villages.


Xilankap is a kind of brocade made by Tujia ethnic group. It is a absolutely necessary item in Tujia people's daily lives. This kind of brocade is now made into varied craftworks and is very popular among tourists. It is known as the top souvenir for tourists.

◎Miao Embroidery

People are used to calling the embroidery made by Miao ethnic group - Miao embroidery, which stands for the fruit of Miao women's hard work and wisdom. Miao embroidery, generally recognized as one of the most exquisite embroideries around the world, is the perfect combination of variety, fine craftsmanship as well as abundant culture. Moreover, as time goes on, it has become an artistic boutique for aesthetic enjoyment and collection.

◎Zhangjiajie Tortoise Figure Stone

The tortoise figure stone is the local special products in Zhangjiajie. It is the fossil of the coral aggregation. The stripe of the stone is very similar to the texture of the turtle shell. That is the reason of naming this fossil for tortoise figure stone. The stone just needs slightly polishing and then being put into water, its tortoise texture will present at once. The stone can be carved in to all kinds of carvings. There are stone tortoises, stone cows, stone horses, stone dragons, stone leopards, stone pandas, stone dogs, stone ink slabs, stone incense burners and so on. Carvings made from these figure stones are vivid in shapes. Some of them are useful daily tools.

◎Zhangjiajie Duzhong Tea

Duzhong Tea is a kind of tea made by a kind of Chinese herbal medicine - Eucommia ulmoides olive which belongs to defoliated arbor. The leaves are the material of making Duzhong Tea. Usually drinking Duzhong Tea can lose weight. Besides, it can control hypertension, and upgrade low blood pressure. According to different machining meanings, Duzhong Tea turns takes on 3 colors-green, yellow and henna.

Where to Buy in Zhangjiajie

◎Meini Shopping Center

Located in 226 Jiefang Lu, the Meini Shopping Center belongs to Meini Group. The center offers daily articles, food, wines, tea, local products, ethnic handicrafts, cosmetics, books, video and music products, clothes, bags and all kinds of home electric equipments.


Tianzijie (full name: Tianzijie National Tourism Commercial City) is located in Wulingyuan District. This shopping street was once paved by bluestone before it was destroyed by flood. It is not only a center of shopping, eating, junketing, recreation, and amusement but a showcase of the Tujia ethnic group's culture. Here tourist can buy various tourist souvenirs and the famous local products.

◎People's Square Tourism Commercial Pedestrian Street

People's Square Commercial Pedestrian Street near the People's Square in Yongding District. The street mearsures about 200 meters in length. It connects with Huilong Lu (road) in south, and Jiefang Lu in north. In this pedestrian street, tourists can buy tourist souvenirs, food, handicraft articles, clothes, tourists novelty, and local farm and sideline products etc.

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