Xiamen Shopping Guide

As one of China's five special economic zones, Xiamen is famous for its beautiful scenery and also for its rich resources and products which facilitate the development of its trade. Strolling in shopping centers in Xiamen, you will be attracted by modern commercial atmosphere. The towering marketplaces and trade mansions, distinctive trading zones and streets offer various kinds of commodities from various parts of the country and overseas. The local famous brand including: PORTS fashion, Prima TV Sets, Amoi electric products and Jinlong Buses are well received by the customs of home and abroad and attract many tourists and merchants to Xiamen

Local Products

Xiamen has a favorable geographic location and a comfortable climate. It abounds in fish, shrimps, crabs and other marine products. In addition Xiamen is one of the native places of Chinese amphioxus. Xiamen mainly produces subtropical fruits, fish-flavor peanuts, water chestnut crunchy candy, preserved olives, Tongan stuffed cakes, dried meat floss, mushroom and minced meat, dried marine products, medicinal foods, pearl embroidery, lacquer line carvings, colorful cloth figures, colorful clay figures and porcelain figures. Especially the handicrafts are of great varieties and are rich in local flavor and are welcome by people.

The city is known as an important collection and distribution center for export of Oolong tea to other parts of the country and overseas. In addition, as a main production center and collection and distribution of stone materials and stone carvings. Xiamen enjoys a reputation at home and abroad.

Famous Shopping Streets & Centers

Zhongshan Road

One of the 10 famous streets in China, Zhongshan Road is a traditional shopping center. Some 100 markets and department stores stand one by one along the road. Commodities from these shops and stores are of great varieties and sell at a reasonable price. All shops and stores open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. So you have enough time to choose what you like. Of them, the comparative large ones are Hualian Mansion, Huahui Marketplace, Printemps China Department Store and Jinlu Jewelry Store.

The European-style buildings along Zhongshan Road are of different shapes and match well with the features of a seaside city. This 100-year-old road is the only trade street leading to the ocean in Xiamen. With good transport facilities, the road is a good place for you to enjoy the exquisite scenery of Gulangyu Island after your shopping.

Around Zhongshan Road are South Siming Road, North Siming Road, West Siming Road, East Siming Road and Jukou Street. All are places for shopping too, which worth your visit.

Xiamen University Street

In fact one side of this street is Southern Putuo Temple. The other side close to the Xiamen University is less than 1,000 meters long and boasts some 100 stores. Many sell fashion clothes and stationery. The most attractive are main bookstores in the city.

The salient feature of this street is its cultural atmosphere matched with Xiamen University. All restaurants, garment stores, stationery shops and sport goods shops demonstrate a kind of cultural quality. Such a rich cultural atmosphere without exception will attract tourists.

Longtou Road on Gulangyu Island

Longtou Road is a main commercial street on Gulang Islet and is the only road for the travelers coming to the islet. The street is lined by many shops selling crafts, fine arts and paintings and calligraphic works, including local pearl embroidery, lacquer line carvings. colorful cloth figures, colorful clay figures and porcelain figures as well as the antiques, jades, paintings, calligraphic works and porcelains from other parts of the country. Also there are many shops selling dried fruits from the south to meet the needs of tourists to present gifts to their friends.

World Trade Mall

The World Trade Mall  is the best known shopping and recreational center in Xiamen. It is close to the railway station and has good transport facilities. Here you can find the world-famous Wal-Mart Supermarket, Printemps China Department Store. McDonalds and KFC. Also you can find the famous Kale Delicacy Plaza. In the Plaza. you can enjoy local traditional snacks from Xiamen and those from other parts of the country. The mall provides a comfortable shopping environment, letting you enjoy shopping and relaxation in the same place.

Add: 878-886 Xiahe Road (on the west side of the railway station)

Tel: 86-592-3988929/5852400

SM City Square

SM City Square is located at the juncture of Xianyue Road and Jiahe Road. The square is composed of plazas, marketplaces, exclusive sellers, and quality products shops. Covering a floor space of 126,000 square meters, the mall has six floors and houses many famous enterprises such as the Wal-Mart, Watson, Laiya, Cybermart, McDonalds and KFC. In addition, there are furniture and house electrical appliances marketplaces, exhibition centers, business centers, body fitting centers and food squares. The SM City Square concentrates various aspects of the life in a modern city and demonstrates excellent modern life. It leads the new shopping. recreational and catering trends in Xiamen.

Add: 468 Jiahe Road

Tel: 86-592-5517933

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