Xiamen Fact Sheet

Xiamen in Chinese Pinyin: Xiàmén

Xiamen in simple Chinese: 厦门


Xiamen is located in the southeast part of Fujian Province, back on Zhangzhou and Quanzhou and facing Taiwan and Pescadores across the sea.

Abbreviation: Lu

Area: 1575.16 square kilometers (2011)

Coordinates: 24°26'46''N, 118°04'04''E

Population: 3.61 million (2011)

Area Code: 0592

Zip Code: 361000

City Flower: Bougainvillea glabra

City Tree: Flame tree

City Bird: Egret

Language: The local vernacular is Amoy, a dialect of Southern Min, also called Hokkien.

Main Rivers: Jiulong River

Administrative Divisions

Xiamen administers 6 districts:

◎6 Districts

Haicang District, Huli District, Jimei District, Siming District, Tong’an District and Xiang’an District.



Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, located in the northeast end of xiamen island, about 10km away from downtown.


Xiamen Railway Station, Gaoqi Railway Station and Xiamen North Station.

Tourist Attractions

Gulangyu Island, Xiamen Wushipu Oil Painting Village, Hulishan Battery Scenic Spot, Minnan Puppet Show, Lotus Forest Park, Oversea Chinese Museum, Yong Ding Earth Building, Islet-Ring Road, Nanputuo Temple, Jimei Turtle Garden, etc.

Colleges and Universities

Xiamen University

Overseas Chinese university

JiMei University

Xiamen University of Technology

Xiamen National Accounting Institute

Xiamen Software Professional Technology Institute

Xiamen Nanyang College

Xiamen Art School


The climate in Xiamen is subtropical climate, its annual average rainfall is around 1200mm and annual average temperature is around 21℃.

Sister Cities


Sasebo, Cebu, Penang, Surabaya and Mokpo.


Cardiff, Wellington, Kaunas and Zoetermeer.


Baltimore and Guadalajara.



Special Local Products

Lacquer Line Carving, Oil Painting, Tea, Jinmen Tribute Sugar, Xiamen Pearl Embroidery, etc.


Bamboo Shoots Frozen, Shrimp Noodles, Oyster Omelet, Shuangrun Cake, etc.

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