Brief Introduction of Xiamen

Xiamen is a scenic port tourism city. Thanks to its picturesque scenery and abundant foods, it is home to a large number of egrets. hence the name "Egret Island". Located in the south eastern coastal area of China, Xiamen is linked with Zhangzhou, presenting the landscapes of the Golden Triangle in South Fujian, and faces Jinmen across the sea. Xiamen has a subtropical maritime climate, and it is like spring all the year round. With various kinds of beautiful flowers, a great number of egrets flying leisurely and carefree, and some natural bathing grounds formed by undulating sand beaches. Xiamen is an ideal holiday resort, a paradise for tourists.

Now Xiamen has jurisdiction over six districts, i.e.. Siming, Huh, Haicang, Jimei, Tong'an and Xiang'an, with an area of 1,565 square kilometers and a population of 2.25 million. Xiamen is one of the five special economic zones, and among the first group of top tourist cities in China. Xiamen won the "Habitat Scroll of Honor Award," as well as the titles of the "International Garden City," one of "China's First Group of Civilized Cities," " National Model City for Environmental Protection" and the "National Sanitary City." Its clean, tidy and sanitary environment, civilized and polite citizens and a natural and beautiful environment have formed the city's harmonious, quiet and peaceful features and atmosphere.

In Xiamen, it seems time would go slowly. The calm pedestrians on the street, the people drinking gongfu tea in leisure, and the locals who speak slow South Fujian dialects create a leisure and comfortable atmosphere. With smooth traffic, people need not to be hurry to go on a trip to other places. In Xiamen. tourists will slow down their steps without knowing while enjoying the city's special taste.

Xiamen has a great number of tourist attractions, such as Gulangyu Island, Wanshi Mountain, South Putuo Temple, Hulishan Fort, Jimei University, Haicang Bridge, Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort, Tongan Lotus Mountain National Forest Park, TV & Film City, and Xiang'an Dadeng Battlefield Sightseeing Zone. Gulang Island is the most representative scenic spot, and the most enchanting place in Xiamen, looking like the zither-shaped islet in the Penglai fairyland in a distance. When setting foot on the islet, tourists will hear the melody from the piano. The high blue skies, the wide sea, oddly shaped reefs, and people on the sand beaches and bathing grounds will make every tourist enjoy the magnificence and appealing of the island. The small paths covered by the shade of trees, the foreign-style buildings of the 19th century. exquisite and unique gardens and the pleasant birds' chirping will make tourists enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home. Climbing along a flight of steps, tourists can reach the Sunlight Rock, the highest peak on Gulangyu Island. Standing on the Sunlight Rock, tourists will have a bird's eye view of Xiamen, a green, quiet and beautiful land. The South Putuo Temple with joss sticks and candles burning all the year round, the exquisite Xiamen Landscape Botanical Garden, the Hulishan Fort with the "King of Cannons," the Jiageng (Mr.Tan Kah Kee) Park with attractive nature and culture, the Yundang Lake with blue ripples and scenic Round-the-Island Road display the beauty of Xiamen. Xiamen is the city closest to Jinmen, where tourists can observe Jinmen at a short distance by yacht.

Thanks to its picturesque scenery, pleasant climate and civilized and peaceful life, Xiamen has given birth to a great number of celebrities since ancient times, adding a strong cultural flavor to the city. Zheng Chenggong, a national hero, Tan Kah Kee. a patriotic overseas Chinese, Lin Qiaozhi, a great doctor, and a large number of world-renowned musicians have left precious spiritual wealth in Xiamen. Now tourists can still find their footsteps on the stone steps, in the dormitories of Jimei University, and at the tranquil and beautiful Yuyuan Garden. As the hometown of overseas Chinese, Xiamen attracts numerous overseas Chinese to visit their friends and relatives every year. In addition, moon cake game culture at the Mid-Autumn Festival, and South Fujian opera peculiar to Xiamen reflect local characteristics, interest and flavor.

As a leisure, tourism and holiday resort, Xiamen contains not only lots of places of scenic and cultural interest, but also various kinds of recreational centers, bars, delicious seafood, snacks, restaurants and hotels, which can meet the demands of all tourists. The journey to Xiamen will be more interesting and meaningful if tourists go to the suburbs to take a hot spring bath, play golf on the green course, go to the Gulang Islet Concert Hall to enjoy music, or go to the People's Theater to appreciate various kinds of theatrical performances full of the cultural colors of South Fujian.

With convenient transportation facilities, Xiamen is easily accessed by air, railway and highway. The Xiamen Gaoqi Airport is one of the hubs of communications in East China, with scheduled flights going to all big and medium-sized cities in China, and 34 regional and international air routes have been opened. The Gaoji Bund, Xiamen Bridge and Haicang Bridge were constructed one after another, turning Xiamen from an island city into a bay city. In recent years. more and more conventions, exhibitions and commercial and trade activities have been held in Xiamen, such as the annual "China International Fair for Investment and Trade" and the "Cross-Strait Travel Fair," which have attracted a large number of business people and won extensive popularity. Some festivals and celebrations, such as the Xiamen International Marathon Race. the parade of festooned vehicles, and the Marine Culture Festival, add highlights to Xiamen. These activities have not only displayed the young and energetic features of Xiamen, but also accelerated the development of various fields of Xiamen.

Xiamen, which boasts natural scenery and historical sites, and integrates delicacies, hot springs, golf courses, holiday resorts and business conventions and exhibitions, is nurtured by sunshine and sea wind. In such a city full of vitality, tourists can feel the fast changes brought forth by modem civilization everyday, enjoy classical romance and warmth, and feel leisure and tranquility in a land of peace, away from the turmoil of the world. When you are accustomed to drinking gongfu tea leisurely like the people on Egret Island or are sentimentally attached to the sand beaches under sunshine, it means Xiamen's spirits have been deeply impressed on your mind. Xiamen opens her arms to warmly welcome you in great sincerity!

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