Xiamen Catering Guide

Xiamen's unique climate and geographic environment provides favorable conditions for the development of its catering culture. Its cuisine has a long history and mainly represents the Fujian cuisine, one of the eight main cuisines of China. Through exchanges with other cuisines and great efforts of chefs, Xiamen's cuisine has absorbed the strong points of other cuisines and developed its own flavors. In addition to the south Fujian flavor, Xiamen dishes also demonstrate flavors of Taiwan, Chaozhou and Shantou.

Xiamen's dishes have gained reputation for its seafood and made in such main ways of steaming, frying, stirring-frying, quick-frying and deep-frying. Xiamen's dishes are clear, delicious, light, crisp and slightly hot, especially seafood, medicated dishes, Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes and Fotiaoqiang (Monk Jumps over the Wall) cooked with seafood, pork and seasonings. In addition, the snacks are delicious and known far and wide.

Special Delicacies


Xiamen is famous for its seafood. The seafood is of good quality and of great varieties. Lobster, abalone, crab, shrimp. snail and shellfish are refreshing and delicious. Especially in winter. they have excellent tastes.

The dishes cooked with local grouper. yellow croaker, red crab and squid have gained reputation as early as in the Qing Dynasty. Today new cookine methods hase been developed for cooking seafood dishes with four main ingredients of crab. shrimp, fish and shellfish, based on carrying forward the traditional cooking methods.

For cooking seafood dishes. the ingredients must be fresh. It is better to cook them immediately when you get them from the market. In Xiamen, the ingredients can be got locally. so that the seafood dishes are tasty. The seafood in Xiamen is refreshing and delicious which could not taste in other places.

Recommended Restaurants

◎Shuyou Seafood Restaurant

Add: Building attached to Zhongyin Tower, North Hubin Road

Tel: S6-592-5098888

◎Jiali Seafood Restaurant

Add: 3F-4F. Baofu Tower. 819 South Hubin Road

Tel: 86-592-5169999

◎Happy Paradise Restaurant

Add: Bailuzhou Park

Tel: 86-592-51 18888

◎Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant in Fumanlou

Add: 6F Banking Center, Xiahe Road Tel: 86-592-2681_188

◎Haixiu Restaurant

Add: 107 Dongdu Road

Tel: 86-592-6010641

◎Jiasheng Restaurant

Add: Backside of Baolong Center Tel: 86-592-5030168

◎Liangfeng Uncultivated Seafood Restaurant

Add: 229-233 West Hexiang Road

Tel: 86-592-2287676

◎Jiulongtang Restaurant

Add: Huandao Road (beside Hulishan Fort)

Tel: 86-592-2515335

Medicated Dishes

Medicated dishes have a Iong history in China. People get tonic from the food cooked together with medicinal herbs while having meals in order to prevent and cure diseases.

Xiamen's medicated dishes have their own unique flavor after carrying forward traditional cooking skills and  experiencing  constant innovations. Firstly. good ingredients should be selected in order to illustrate the flavor of seafood and medicated dishes. Secondly, these dishes are cooked carefully in clean utensils in order to let people enjoy the dishes with their senses of taste and sight. Thirdly. with medicinal herbs as main ingredients. but the dishes are fragrant and tasty and demonstrate excellent cooking methods. Fourthly. the recipes of medicated dishes will change in different seasons in order to bring into full play the regulative functions of dishes. The Taiwan-flavor dish of female duck cooked with ginger is a mas-terpiece of the medicated dishes. The Lujiang Habourview Hotel in Xiamen is the best place to taste medicated dishes.

Recommended Restaurants

◎Lujiang Habourview Hotel

Add: 54 Lujiang Road

Tel: 86-592-2022922

◎Han Palace Female Duck with Ginger and Seafood Restaurant (Lianhua Branch)

Add: 21-22 Lingxiangli

Tel: 86-592-5530466

Southern Putuo Vegetarian Dishes

Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have a 100-year history. In the procedure of constant innovation and development. Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have combined the pure flavor of temple vegetarian dishes with the nature of folk ones and the delicacy of palace ones. These vegetarian dishes are poetic and attractive of Buddhist dishes. Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have gluten and bean curd as main ingredients which will be added with mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and edible fungus. They are cooked in a traditional way and demonstrate a clear and tasty flavor. Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have persisted in traditional Buddhist dieting and are cooked with vegetarian ingredients. Such vegetarian dishes are nice and elegant and are of unique shapes. Their themes attract many celebrities to name them, such as Banvuechenjiaug (Crescent moon in water). Meihua'cwvtie (Plum blossom in snowy day). Jintengputao (Golden grape vine). Nanhaijinlian (Golden lotus in south Sea) and Sivuguvun (Soft rain and mushroomlike clouds). Recommended Restaurants

◎Southern Putuo Temple Industrial Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: 515 South Siming Road (inside Southern Putuo Temple)

Tel: 86-592-2085908


Fotiaogiang (Monk Jumps over the Wall), a traditional famous dish of Fujian Province. is a kind of thick soup cooked with more than 30 kinds of ingredients including shark's fins, sea cucumber, chicken breast, duck meat, tendons of pork. mushroom. abalone and dove eggs, and many kinds of condiments. This dish focuses on the selection of ingredients and cutting way and the order to add ingredients while being cooked. Before cooking. all the ingredients should be put into a pot which is once used to store Shaoxing wine" then sealing it with a piece of paper before putting on the lid. While cooking, the high fire should be used first and then the low fire for boiling it. This dish is tasty and refreshing. A poem writes this way. "Opening the lid, fragrance of meat can be smelled by your neighbors and even the monk will jump over the wall to try it.' At present. Haogingxiang Restaurant and Xiamen Hotel can prepare a complete set of top-grade Fotiaogiang dishes. You can have a try there.

Recommenced Restaurants

◎Haoqingxiang Restaurant

Add: 59 Middle Hubin Road Tel: 86-592-2209178

◎Xiamen Hotel

Add: 16 Huyuan Road

Tel: 86-592-2503333

Famous Snacks

Snacks in Xiamen represent the essentials of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan and have developed into series in vogue welcomed by people. These snacks are of more than 200 varieties. They pay great attention to ingredients and special making technology. Also they demonstrate a rich local flavor, sell at a reasonable price and mect the needs of the people from different economic levels. The famous ones include the bamboo shoot jelly, fried oysters, noodle gruel, fried noodles. spring rolls, pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice and pork wrapped in reed leaves. peanut soup, cakes with leek stuffing, parched flour. Poria cocos cake, shrimp noodles. glutinous rice porridge cooked with sea crab meat, steamed bun with mashed stuffing. soup of glutinous rice flour balls. Fried dates, deep-fried glutinous rice flour cake, fried glutinous rice flour ball with sesame seeds on it and pancakes sandwiched with sugar between. With all these snacks in front of you. you will find it difficult to choose.

In addition. Dafeng rump pork and seafood-flavor chafing dish from Tong'an will impress you more. leaving a lasting and pleasant aftertaste.

Recommended Restaurants

◎Haoqingxiang Restaurant

Features: Pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice anti pork wrapped in reed leaves

Add: 59 Middle Hubin Road Tel: 86-592-2209178

◎Huangzehe Famous Snacks Restaurant

Features: Peanut soup

Add: 22-24 Zhongshan Road Tel: 86-592-2125825

◎Wuzaitian Snacks Restaurant Features: Youcongke

Add: 49 Datong Road Tel: 86-592-2022357

◎Tong'anpo Satay Paste Noodles Restaurant

Add: By the entrance to 9 Zhongxiaoli, Tome'an Road

Tel: 86-592-2034516

◎Datong Duck Meat Porridge Restaurant

Add: 128 Datong Road

Tel: 86-592-2114906

Famous Food Streets

◎Huahui Delicacy Street on Zhongshan Road

Huahui Delicacy Street on Zhongshan Road has more than 20 restaurants mainly providing various kinds of snacks.

◎Kale Delicacy Plaza in World Trade Shopping Mall near railway station

Basement of the shopping mall is the Wal-Mart supermarket, the first to the fourth floor is the main shopping area and the fifth floor is the Kale Delicacy Plaza. where collects various kinds of delicacies and snakes from all over the country.

◎North Hubin Road Delicacy Street

This food street in the middle section of North Hubin Road is famous for chafing dishes and boasts some 10 chafing dish restaurants.

 ◎Xinshishang Delicacy Plaza in SM City Square

Xinshishang Delicacy Plaza boasts various kinds of delicious food and snakes.

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