Rize Valley

 Rize Valley, the south-west branch of the Jiuzhaigou valley system, is a most important attraction in Jiuzhaigou Valley for its beautiful and varied natural scenic. Rize Valley ranges over 18 km from Nuorilang Waterfall to Primeval Forest. The route links Nuorilang and virgin forests is the best part of all Jiuzhaigou tour routes. Noted for its varied scenic spots, it is rated as the climactic component of your Jiuzhaigou tour.

Here are all colors of the lakes like a kaleidoscope, like a fairyland tranquil and abstruse, and like a mystic mirror. Here are the waterfalls with the tallest drop, beaches like treasure houses, virgin forests reaching the sky, all in finest arrangements, engendering a strong aesthetic appeal and offering you an exciting experience. It is undoubtedly the highlight of Jiuzhaigou National Parl, featuring magnificent and ever-changing scenery. You’ll encounter many beautiful sites in this valley as following:

Primeval Forest

The Primeval Forest is preserved ancient woodland. It is fronted by spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and cliffs, including the 500 m high blade-shaped Sword Rock.  With an altitude of 3,060 meters, the Primeval Forest is the top part of Rize Valley tour routes. Here you will find yourselves surrounded by a new isolated world when you see the luxuriantly green trees, walk on thick and soft lichens, smell the fragrant and moist air, and listening to the sound of wind sighing through the pines and bird-song.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake, a 2250 m long, 125 m wide picturesque lake, lies quietly in Rize Valley. With luscious grass and sweet water, the lake attracts a large number of swans and ducks, thus it is named “Swan Lake”. At an elevation of 2,905 metees, Swan Lake is surrounded by high rocky cliffs that drop vertically into the lake.

Grass Lake

Grass Lake, bordered on both sides by tall cliffs, is a shallow lake covered with luxuriant, fragrant grass. The fragrant grass and its inverted image contrast with each other. Occasionally one or two water birds move about unhurriedly in the lake. Besides, for its size, it is the most elongated of Rize Valley's lakes.

Arrow Bamboo Lake

Arrow Bamboo Lake, covering an area of 170,000 m2, is a shallow lake with a depth of 6 m. It lies at an elevation of 2,618 m, and was a main feature site for the 2002 Chinese film Hero, starring Jet Li and directed by the famous Yimou Zhang. Giant pandas' favourite food is arrow bamboo. Here around lakeshore lives namely arrow bamboos, which is the biggest feature of Arrow Bamboo Lake, thus it is named Arrow Bamboo Lake.  

Panda Lake

Panda Lake features curious color patterns of blue and green. Pandas are regarded as lucky and endearing animals, loved by tibetan. It is said that, Giant Pandas have come to this lake to drink, though there have been no sightings for many years. The lake empties into the multi-stream, multi-level Panda Waterfalls, dropping 78 m in three steps.

Five Flower Lake

Five Flower Lake, the pride of Jiuzhaigou Valley, is a shallow multi-colored lake whose bottom is criss-crossed by ancient fallen tree trunks. It lies at the end of the upper reach of Peacock River, 2,472 meters (about 8,110 feet) above the sea level and five meters (about 16 feet) in depth.Most of the colorful leaves are gathered in the lakefront and interlaced as brocades, while ancient fallen tree trunks criss-cross the bottom of the lake.

Pearl Shoal

Pearl Shoal is a wide, gently sloping area of active calcareous tufa deposition covered in a thin sheet of flowing water. It empties into the famous Pearl Waterfalls, where the shoal drops 28 m in a 310 m wide broad curtain of water. A scene of the television adaptation of Journey to the West was filmed there. Pearl Shoal and Pearl Shoal Falls are best viewed by taking the walkway. This takes visitors across the "Golden Bell Lake" and "Pearl Shoal" down the left side of the falls then across the base of the fall to "Mirror Lake".

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is another quiet lake casting beautiful reflections of the surroundings when the water is calm. Mirror Lake is so named because of that. The Lake was featured in the Zhang Yimou movie Hero. The outflow of "Mirror Lake" is through the "Rize Gully" a travertine ramp of small ponds and natural bonsai trees and bushes that lead directly to one of the great sights of Jiuzhai Valley. Near the lake there is a tree reaching the sky, which is tightly twisted by a long vine, just like two sweet lovers. Therefore, people gave Mirror Lake another romantic name, Love Park.

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