Zharu Valley

Zharu Valley, a cultural and natural landscape, in here you can not only enjoy the sight of Tibetan pastoral landscape, but also appreciate a certain charm of Benbo-sect (a original religion which was popular in Tibetan before Buddhism introduced into Tibetan), such as, the standing Magic Mirror Cliff, the quaint Zharu Horse Trail, the booming Zharu Monastery.  

Zharu Valley Jiuzhaigou

Zharu Valley is a steep sided limestone and granite valley inside the Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park. A clear blue stream runs down its centre, with its numerous tributaries winding down through thick pine and fir forests from the surrounding mountains on both sides of the valley. From the peak of the sacred Zha Yi Zha Ga (the name of the Tibetan king of all mountains) Mountain to the valley entrance, the altitude ranges from 2,026m to 4,528m. One of the Jiuzhaigou Valleys original nine Tibetan villages, Re Xi, is nestled beneath the mountains only a few kilometers into the valley. A majestic Buddhist temple guards the valley entrance like a sentinel.

Although home to spectacular scenery, Zharus principle appeal is its rich biodiversity, which until now has been undiscovered by the many tourists who explore the other valleys of the park. Thus the diverse and pristine environment, a rare treasure of China, lays untouched and awaiting exploration.

The plant life of Zharu includes 40% of the total number of the plant species that exist in the whole of China. The rich forests and mountains of Zharu Valley are also home to 63 mammals, including the Sichuan golden monkey, Sichuan takin, giant panda, red panda, leopard cat, black bear, musk deer, blue sheep, wolves and the rare Duke of Bedfords vole. All of Jiuzhaigou Valley’s bird species are present in Zharu which creates a paradise for bird-lovers. The activities that are currently available will appeal to any nature lover and include hiking and camping along interpretive trails.

Hiking through Zharu Valley offers a completely different view of the national park. The walking trails lead you through old abandoned villages, Chinese civil war hideaways to deep forest at lower altitudes, to alpine meadows, right up to well above the tree line.

Zharu Valley

There are a total of 55km of trails in Zharu Valley which pass a number of sacred Tibetan sites, the old abandoned village of Guo Du and other long-abandoned villages. The main three day hike around the sacred Zha Yi Zha Ga Mountain (which devout Benbo Tibetan pilgrims who come from far and wide do on the 15th day of the lunar month) offers spectacular views and features an array of flora and fauna, is a challenging and at times steep route that will bring you to altitudes of over 4,150m.

The local guides, who will accompany you as well as the local villagers, will help you to share in and, above all, experience traditional Tibetan culture and hospitality.

The biodiversity of Zharu Valley is a rare treasure in China that presents exciting opportunities for enjoyment and exploration. Visitors who have an appreciation for exploring such pristine and diverse environments now have the chance to come and experience these natural wonders during their visit to Jiuzhai Valley National park.

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