Zechawa Valley

The Zechawa Valley, the south-eastern branch of Jiuzhaigou, is the longest and highest valley in Jiuzhaigou scenic area. The Zechawa Valley, 18 kilometers long, stretches from Nuorilang to the Chang Lake, featuring overlapped and erecting peaks. It is approximately the same length as Rize Valley (18 km) but climbs to a higher altitude (3150 m at the Long Lake). Going downhill from its highest point, it features the following sights:

Long Lake

Long Lake is crescent-shaped and is the highest, largest and deepest lake in Jiuzhaigou, measuring 7.5 km (5 mi) in length and up to 103 m in depth. It reportedly has no outgoing waterways, getting its water from snowmelt and losing it from seepage. Local folklore features a monster in its depths.

Five-Color Pond

Five-Color Pond is one of the smallest but most spectacular bodies of water in Jiuzhaigou lakes. Despite its very modest dimensions and depth, it has a richly colored underwater landscape with some of the brightest and clearest waters in the area. According to legend, the pond was where Goddess Semo washed her hair and God Dage came daily to bring her water.

Seasonal Lakes

The Seasonal Lakes are a series of 3 lakes (Lower, Middle and Upper) along the main road, that change from empty to full during each year. The upper seasonal lake is close to Zechawa Village, with a stretch of birches, wild strawberries, grass and fungi. The mid-seasonal lake sits on the middle of Zechawa Valley, surrounded by dense forests. Here, pines and vines are dancing on soft lichens, playing a pool of sapphire-blue water. The upper-seasonal lake neighbors the Wucai (Five-Colored) Pond, with steep cliffs around. This is said to be the place where fierce dragons hide themselves, which is also called the “Tibetan Dragon Lake.” In dry-water season, a Class-I UN- Protected plant, “Ruswich” grows on the lakebed

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