Green Lake Park

Located at the foot of Luofeng Mountain in Kunming, Green Lake Park, or Cui Hu Park, is an urban park in Kunming. It was established in the 17th century on the west side of the Wuhua Mountain and is sometimes described as a "Jade in Kunming".

Since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the officials in Kunming made great efforts to erect some pavilions in the Green Lake Park. As the most popular park in the downtown of Kunming, the park attracts multitudes of visitors from home and abroad each year to witness its emerald-like water, weeping willows and red-beaked seagulls traveling long from Russia to spend winter since 1985. The lake is highlighted by two dams. Ruan Dam and Tang Dam. Ruan Dam, stretching from south to north, was first built in 1834 and sponsored by Ruan Yuan, the General Governor of Yunnan and Guzhou Provinces in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911); while Tang Dam, from east to west, was built in 1919 and sponsored by Tang Jiyao, the Military Governor of Yunnan Province in the early Republic of China (1912-1949). The Two dams divide the Green Lake into five sections, namely Huxindao (Isle in the middle of the lake) and Guanyulou (Fish-Viewing Pavilion) at the center; Shuiyuexuan (Water and Moon Pavilion) and Jinyudao (Golden Carp Isle) in the southeast; Zulidao (Bamboo Groves Isle) and Jiulongchi (Nine Dragons Pool) in the northeast; Huludao (Calabash Isle) and Jiuquqiao (Zigzag Bridge) in the south; and Haixinting (Lake Center Pavilion) in the west. 

The Green Lake has so far become a stage for Kunming folk cultural shows. You will witness or experience different kinds of things in a day. In the early morning, you can join the exercising, Taiji and Kung Fu; while at day time one could further enjoy assorted performances staged by local people. Yunnan Opera (Huadeng) is most compelling among all.

Best time to visit

The Green Lake is pleasant all year round, but the best time to visit is during the winter when red-beaked gulls from Siberia migrate south and make their home in Green Lake and Dian Lake for the coldest months of the year (Dec - Feb). During that time it tends to get a bit chilly in Kunming, but the temperature rarely drops much below 0 ℃.

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