Dian Lake

Located in the southwest of Kunming, Dianchi Lake, or Dian Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province, the sixth largest fresh water lake in China, covering an area of about 330 square km. it is called the mother lake of Yunnan Province. With an altitude of 1,886 meters, Dianchi Lake is also known as "Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland." Dianchi Lake has an average depth of 5 meters; the deepest spot is no more than 8 meters. It is a natural cistern, being of great benefit not only to the water supply, flood control, shipping and fishery, but also to the climate conditioning.

A national tourist and holiday zone has been established near the Dian Lake, in which many places of interest are involved such as the Western Mountains, Daguan Park (aka Grand View Park), Zhenghe Park, Haigeng Park, Yunnan Minority Villages Park, Yunnan Minority Museum, Xiyuan Villa, Longmen Village, Guanyin Mountain and White Fish Mouth etc.

Best time to visit

Spring and summer can enjoy boating and scenery; autumn and winter can see and feed the black-headed gulls.

Best ways to visit

The best ways to see the Dian Lake are by cable car from the Dragon Gate in the Western Mountains or take boat from Daguan Park.

How to get

If you get to the Dian Lake from Kunming Train Station, you can take bus No. 24 or 44 and get off at Haigeng Park.

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