Huanglongxi Ancient Town

Huanglongxi Ancient Town is an old town with deep tradition on construction style of west Sichuan. Around 50 kilometers from Chengdu, it is a popular scenic spot. The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) style buildings here are well preserved and attract visitors from across the world all the year around. Culture elements of folk arts and religion embodying Sichuan ancient traditions converge in the town.

With 1700 years of history, Huanglongxi historic town is a pearl in the fertile Sichuan basin and radiates its charm in the national and international circles. There are young Chinese couples wandering round with garlands of flowers in their hair. There are half a dozen quiet small temples, some gorgeous while genuinely old imitation buildings, and clean small alleys.

Chengdu Huanglongxi Ancient Town

Known as the beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, the ancient town is a famous natural photographic film base. The town main features are: the ancient streets, ancient trees, ancient temple, ancient wharf, ancient buildings and quaint customs. It was named as Fire Dragon Township, National Environmental Beautiful Small Town by the Chinese Ministry of Culture Folk Art. Known as the "Movie and Television City", "Chinese Hollywood".

Huanglongxi Ancient Town Chengdu China

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The most beautiful time of Huanglongxi is in the alternate weather of rain and foggy, with misty rain and misty fog, which is very poetic.

Huanglongxi Ancient Town Fire Dragon Festival

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